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US Brand Name Acne-Aid Bar
Generic Name Sulphonated Surfactant blend
Other Brand Name Acne-Aid Bar
Packing 50g, 100g
Manufacturer GSK
Form Bar
Strength 6.38 % w/w
Country India

  • 6.38 % w/w x 50gm $2.78
  • 6.38 % w/w x 100gm $4.13
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Sulphonated surfactant blend is an effective antigreasing agent and a cleansing agent which is to be used on the skin to remove excessive oily ingredients from the surface. It is a dermatological preparation that can be used when bathing or washing the face, especially by people who are having oily skin and acne due to this. It is a soap bar like formulation which contains no perfume or coloring agent or abrasive.


The use of the sulphonated surfactant blend is for antigreasing agent, which is used to clear excessive oil secretion from the face or other parts that are acne prone. It can also be used as a cleansing agent in inflammatory conditions like dermatitis, scaling and also for rough skin. Due to the surfactant action, it is best used for the purpose of removing excessive oil from the face primarily. In some cases, it is also advised to be applied on the oily scalps.

Side effects

In some patients of acne, the soap bar can cause irritation and excoriation of the skin. These may lead to excessive dryness and thereby more itching and burning sensation. Hypersensitivity reactions are seen in few patients. Accidental poisoning or intake will result in abdominal upset.


In case of hypersensitivity to the contents of sulphonated surfactant bar, the patients are advised not to use the soap. Any previous allergy history is suggestive of the contraindications.


The sulphonated surfactant bar is to be kept in room temperatures without exceeding to temperature above 30 deg C.


The soap or Acne aid bar contains the sulphonated surfactant blend in concentration of 6.38% w/w in a soap of weight 50 gm or 100 gm. Apart from the active sulphonated blend, the soap bar also contains a number of inactive ingredients without any foaming agent or other active detergent based ingredient.

Important Precautions

While using the soap bar of sulphonated surfactant, it should be taken care that the lather doesn't get into the eyes or else it should be washed off immediately. If there is irritation while using the bar, then it should be immediately washed off and use is stopped. Care should be taken that the acne aid bar is used only for the purpose of external use and accidental ingestion or the later going into the mouth should be immediately reported to the poison control centre.

Dosage and administration

The sulphonated surfactant bar is used as a degreasing agent. It is used to wash face and take bath twice or as recommended by the physician. It is applied during bath by wetting the area on which it is to be applied and then the bar is spread over the affected area like any other bathing soap or can be taken in the palm and applied on the affected area. It is good to apply the surfactant along with warm water and is massaged in form of lather with fingers or face clothes. Then it is rinsed off and can be repeated if necessary.