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US Brand Name Minitran; Nitrek; Nitro-Bid; Nitro-Derm; Nitro-Dur; Nitro-Time; Nitrodisc; Nitrogard; Nitroglyn; Nitrolingual; Nitrong; NitroQuick; Nitrostat; NitroTab; Transderm-Nitro; Transdermal-NTG; Tridil;
Generic Name Nitroglycerin
Other Brand Name Angispan TR
Manufacturer WYETH
Packing 25
Form Tablet
Strength 2.5 mg, 6.5 mg

  • 25 caps 2.5 mg $12.25
  • 25 caps 6.5 mg $13.00
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Angispan-TR is also known as a chemical nitroglycerin that has been used to treat angina and heart failure since a long time. This medication acts on the enzyme nitric oxide to stimulate guanylate cyclase in the vascular smooth muscle cells that further results the relaxation of smooth muscles.


Angispan-TR is used to treat and prevent chest pain which is a symptom of angina and other heart conditions including heart failure. The medicine relaxes all vascular smooth muscle, especially venous beds and relaxes the large veins with increased venous capacitance and reduced ventricular preload.


Glyceryl Trinitrate is the active and primary ingredient in the medication Angispan-TR.

Dosage and administration

Dosage of this medication should be taken under the strict observation of a medical expert. Method of administration is printed on the package itself. Angispan-TR pill is available in tablet form and is taken by mouth. Swallow Angispan-TR pill with a full glass of water and don