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US Brand Name BCG Vaccine
Generic Name BCG Vaccine
Other Brand Name BCG
Packing 10 dose
Manufacturer Serum
Form Injection

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Tuberculosis is just one of the diseases that are widespread worldwide. This type of disease is contagious and can affect infants most especially because infants do not have strong immune system that can help them resist the damage that can be brought by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. BCG Vaccine or Bacillus Calmette Guerin is a vaccine injected to infants to prevent them from acquiring such disease. This is manufactured by Serum and contains other brand name as BCG.


Children are in danger of acquiring TB at their young age that is why they are advised to have BCG vaccine. The primary use of BCG vaccine is for prevention of the occurrence of tuberculosis to children and infants. This is commonly used and recommended to countries that have high cases and risks of TB. In order to protect the health of infants and children, they must be injected or receive BCG vaccine.

Side effects

As for the side effects of this vaccine, it was found out that about 60% of people that receive BCG vaccine suffer from bladder irritability. This is experienced by the patient 4 to 6 hours following the injection. Also, a person who has just received BCG vaccine is expected to experience fever, flu, and colds. There are cases that allergic reactions may experience that are why it is necessary to inform your physician if you have any allergies to some drugs.


Like any other medication, BCG vaccine is not advisable for all. This must be given to people with impaired immunologic response due to HIV infection, leukemia, generalized malignancy, congenital immunodeficiency, lymphoma or interferon gamma receptor deficiency. In addition to that, people with immunologic responses are covered up by antimetabolites, steroids, radiation, or alkylating agents. Children, adults and infants are not also advised to have this vaccine if they have immune deficiency syndromes that are considered to be severe. Pregnant women must not use BCG vaccine as well despite the fact that there have been no bad effects to the fetus recognized to avoid any untoward incidents.


BCG Vaccine vials must be kept or stored in a cold place like refrigerators with 2 to 8 degree Celsius temperature. Prevent it from being exposed to direct sunlight and it is highly recommended to not take this medicine after the expiry date which is placed in the label of the medication.


Bacillus Calmette Guerin was formulated from citric acid, iron ammonium citrate, glycerin, potassium phosphate, asparagines, lactose and magnesium sulfate. This vaccine is put inside a vial which weighs 50 mg.

Important Precautions

Since this vaccine has active bacteria, it is necessary to use the aseptic method of preparation to avoid any contamination of this medication. Before having BCG vaccine, it is necessary to consult the doctor and tell him your health history for there are certain health conditions that the use of this vaccine should not be allowed. People must bear in mind that BCG is not a treatment for TB that is already active but instead a prevention.

Dosage and administration

BCG vaccine is a suspension which requires preparation following the aseptic method. This medication must be prepared in a separate area to prevent it from being contaminated by any other chemicals. Using the injection, get about 1 ml of preservative free saline that is sterile and add to 1 vial of BCG Vaccine. Try to spin the vial slowly or shake it slowly until such time that the suspension is already homogenous. Refrain from stirring the medication strongly because it may cluster the mycobacteria. Distribute the BCG suspension which is cloudy in appearance to the peak of the syringe that is catheter tip. This syringe has 49 ml saline diluents which results to 50 ml plus the amount of suspension added. In order to blend the two, you have to slowly turn around the syringe. Avoid injecting this vaccine intravenously nor subcutaneously.