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US Brand Name Bondronat
Generic Name Ibandronic acid
Other Brand Name Bondronat
Packing 6ml
Manufacturer Roche
Form Ampule
Strength 6 mg
Country India

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Ibandronic acid available as Bondronat ampule or solution is a drug belonging to the bisphosphonate group. In the ampule form, it is helpful in increasing the calcium level in bones in cases of metastatic bone disease where bony calcium is being rapidly depleted causing the bony pain. Also it is helpful in sustaining the radiotherapy against bony diseases and prevents the incidences of fractures. Due to its action on the hydroxyapatite structure of the bones, it helps in strengthening the bone constitution by adding calcium to the structure.


The intravenous form of this drug is usually indicated or used in case of cancer which has spread to the bones and is destroying the calcium part of the bone. This leads to the weakening of the bones and increases the pain. So, this drug is used in patients either once or as required so that the bone formation gets better and the patient with cancer doesn't feel the pain to a large extent. Even, the tolerance to radiotherapy is good when this intravenous Ibandronic acid is taken.

Side effects

Patients who take the ampule through intravenous route can suffer from chills and rigor if the rate of administrations is increased. Flu like symptoms is common with bone and muscle pain but they get better within a few hours or when the IV line is stopped. More often, there is a decrease in the calcium levels alone, leading to hypocalcemia which should be always guarded against. Sensitive patients of lung disease can have wheezing or feeling of chest constriction. Myalgia, asthenia, headache, diarrhea, influenza like illness, etc are usually seen when intravenous administration of Ibandronic acid is done in patients with metastatic bone diseases.


Those patients with already known history of allergy to bisphosphonates shouldn't be given the drug. Lack of clinical trials and adequate experience means, that the drug should not be used in pregnant and lactating mother or in paediatric age group. Hypocalcemia and presence of other bone or mineral density problems in people are contraindications. Although, liver and renal function tests have not shown any adverse effects, still, the intravenous form of the drug should not be advised for the patients keeping up with good clinical practice.


The ampule form of the drug should not be kept for more than a shelf life of 36 months and should be used immediately after breakage. For storage, it should be kept at temperatures not above 25 deg C.


Bondronat ampule is given as intravenous solution through drip set in regular intervals of about 3 to 4 weeks. 6 mg of Ibandronic acid is available in 6 ml of water which is to be infused in IV drip solutions to be given to metastatic bone disease patients.

Important Precautions

Since the drug has effects on calcium metabolism, patients should take care to report about any hypocalcemia or any disorders of bones that develop during the use of the drug. Pregnancy occurring during the course of therapy is an important thing to be told to the doctor. Any other bisphosphonate drugs should not be taken during the intake of Ibandronic acid. Any dental procedure and fracture should be reported.

Dosage and administration

For the purpose of metastatic bone disease, the patients are to be given 6 mg of the drug intravenously mixed in drip solutions of 500 ml and for duration of about 15 minutes. The drip can be sodium chloride0.9% or 5% dextrose. Calcium containing solutions should not be added with the drug.