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US Brand Name Boostrix
Generic Name Diphtheria Toxoid/ Pertussis Toxoid/ Tetanus Toxoid
Other Brand Name Boostrix
Packing 1
Manufacturer GSK
Form Syringe
Strength 0.5ml
Country India

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For the purpose of providing protection from the diseases of diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, there is an important vaccine for the children as well as adults, which can be given anytime during the life after 10 years of age. This will allow the people to develop immunity against these three disease conditions to a great extent. The time for vaccination is to be strictly followed if the immunity is required to be developed to the right extent.


This injection of tetanus toxoid, diphtheria toxoid and pertusis vaccine is used as vaccine against the three disease conditions where the patients are provided immunity against them even after they grow older. Although, booster doses are also important for providing the complete immunity, these vaccines are having potential benefits due to their ability to be given in elderly people and at a very later age, anytime after 10 years of age.

Side effects

Injection site reactions of pain, swelling and redness are common. Some people suffer from fever and gastrointestinal symptoms which can be abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea.


Hypersensitivity reactions are important contraindications for the vaccine as it contains many particular matters from the protein. If the person is having a history of encephalopathy within 7 days of administration of the vaccine in previous cases, the next doses of the vaccine is not advised. In case of people with progressive neurological disease, encephalopathy and untreated epilepsy, the vaccine is not advised to be given.


The ideal temperature for the storage of the vaccine is 2-8 deg C and should not be allowed to freeze. If the vaccine is frozen, then it should be discarded.


The boostrix injection is a vaccine containing the suspension of three different toxoids in a 0.5 ml single vial with a prefilled diluents syringe. Each vial of the vaccine contains the toxoid of diphtheria and tetanus and the acellular pertussis vaccine adsorbed, so that the vaccine can be injected in the target population.

Important Precautions

If the vaccine is administered to a person, then certain symptoms should be watched by the doctor or should be told to the person and the family members. Symptoms such as fever, collapse or shock like state, crying, seizures, etc can be indications of hypersensitive reactions which are considered important for the vaccine effects and these should be watched by the people and physicians. People should not be given another dose of the vaccine or other individual toxoids within 10 years. The vaccine is not to be given in people with bleeding disorders.

Dosage and administration

The vaccine is injected into the upper part of the deltoid in the arm and in the quantity of 0.5 ml of injection intramuscularly. The drug is not given intravenously, subcutaneously, or intradermally. The vial for injection is to be stirred vigourously to allow the suspension to mix properly before administration. The boostrix injection is possible to give if the patient has taken any kind of vaccination before 5 years.