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US Brand Name Calcitriol/Calciferol;
Generic Name Calcitriol
Other Brand Name Bio D3, Rocaltrol
Manufacturer Nicholas Piramal
Packing 10
Form Capsule
Strength 0.25 mg

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Calcitriol capsule is recommended for treating calcium deficiency in those patients who are receiving chronic renal dialysis. The medicine is also recommended for treating hyperparathyroidism and metabolic bone disease. The drug is available in capsule form in various dosage strengths.


Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Calcitriol is synthetic vitamin D analog used for treating a number of conditions. The capsule is used for treating metabolic bone disease and hyperparathyroidism in those patients who are suffering from chronic kidney failure and not receiving dialysis. The drug is also prescribed for treating hypocalcemia (calcium deficiency) and metabolic bone disease in those patients who are receiving dialysis. It is also recommended for treating calcium deficiency in those people who are suffering from hyperparathyroidism due to surgery or any other condition.

Side effects

The drug shows plethora of side-effects, but mild in nature. For instance, dry mouth, urinating more than usual, changes in behavior, loss of appetite, severe pain in upper stomach, muscle pain, nausea, stomach pain, etc., these are some of the mild side-effects of Calcitriol capsule. The drug also shows some of the serious side-effects like allergic reactions, hives, swelling in throat, lips, etc. and these side-effects should be reported to doctors immediately.


Store the drug at room temperature, away from heat and light.


Calcitriol is active ingredient in the drug.

Important Precautions

• Never use Calcitriol if you are allergic to any of its ingredient. • If you are suffering from high levels of calcium or vitamin D, do not take the drug. • If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or planning to become pregnant, take the drug after doctors’ recommendation. • If you have any disease like heart disease, kidney disease or any other problem, take the drug after consultation with doctors.

Dosage and administration

Avoid taking the dosage in smaller as well as larger quantities; take it in manner as prescribed by doctors. The initial dosage recommended is 0.25mcg pill or capsule taken once in a day. Depending upon the condition of a person, the dosage may increase with the passage of time. Taking drug is considered as a part of program, not complete treatment. The complete treatment comprises of taking special diet as recommended by doctors.


Taking overdosage of the drug may result in some serious consequences. Therefore, in case of administration of more dosage than prescribed, seek medical attention immediately.