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US Brand Name Calcium/ Cholecalciferol
Generic Name Calcium/ Cholecalciferol
Other Brand Name デカル, Decal, シンカル, Sincal
Packing 10
Manufacturer Eris Lifesciences, Deneb, Sinsan Pharma
Form Tablet
Strength Calcium 500mg/ Cholecalciferol 250IU
Country India

  • 10 tablet $9.90
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Calcium Cholecalciferol tablet is a vitamin supplement given for preventing or treating low blood calcium levels. The tablet is primarily given to those people who are unable to get sufficient calcium from their respective diets.


The tablet is primarily used for treating and preventing the low levels of calcium in the body. Other conditions, which are outcome of low calcium levels in the body, are also treated with the tablet. Osteoporosis (bone loss), hypoparathyriodism (decreased activity of parathyroid gland), latent tetabt (certain muscle disease), premenstrual syndrome, etc. are some of the conditions treated by Calcium Cholecalciferol oral tablet.


Calcium and Cholecalciferol are active ingredients of the tablet.

Important Precautions

Dosage and administration

Take the dosage as prescribed by doctors. The medication should be taken by mouth and chew it before swallowing. The tablet needs to taken with food or within 1 hour of taking meal.