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US Brand Name Calgel
Generic Name Lidocaine
Other Brand Name Calgel
Packing 20g
Manufacturer GSK
Form Gel
Strength 0.33%
Country India

  • Gel 20g 0.33% $5.37
Available online
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Calgel Gel is drug that is commonly known as local anesthetic. This drug works by preventing nerves in transmitting painful impulses to the patient's brain.


This medication is use for treating conditions like the numbness in the eyes during certain ocular procedures.

Side effects

During the medication it is important to know the possible side effects that can affect the treatment. Some of the side effects of these drugs are headache; mild, stinging, or redness of the eye, rash; difficulty breathing; hives; temporary burning, itching; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue: tightness in the chest. If these conditions are going worse it is important to call the doctor and stop taking the medication.


This drug is contraindicated with patients who are experiencing allergic reactions. In patient that is having condition that may affect the treatment must be informed to the doctor.


In storing this medication it is important that you must expose it in conditions of light and moisture. For this can cause the damage the drugs composition.


Calgel is composed Lidocaine as the active ingredient of the drug. This has the strength of 0.33 percent x 20 gm and marketed in the form of gel. This is pack in a blister foil.

Important Precautions

When using this medication it is important that you have the prescription from the doctor. There are medical conditions or allergic reaction that can affect the treatment, it is important that the doctor should be informed of this condition. Pregnant women or women that are planning to get pregnant must let the doctor be informed that you want to use this drug. For there are possible side effects that women could encounter that may affect the baby. For nursing mothers this drug can't be used unless you ask your doctor for a prescription. This drug can affect the milk that the baby is drinking. When having surgeries it is important that the doctor must be informed that you are taking Calgel. Do not expose yourself in an extreme when you had applies the drug.

Dosage and administration

In using this medication it is important that use make have it with the prescription from the doctor. During the medication do not take more than or less than what was prescribed by the doctor. Ask your doctor for the proper prescription of the drug or read the label attached in the box. Calgel is usually given in the hospital, in the doctor's office or before clinical eye surgery. When you will be using the drug at home it is important that you must follow the proper prescription of the drug. You must be taught by a professional or doctor's so that you could understand fully how to apply the medication. When the drug is applied never touch or rub the eye until the numbing effect of the medication is gone. Never expose yourself in the heat of the sun or in an extreme heat.