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US Brand Name Campral
Generic Name Acamprosate
Other Brand Name Campral
Packing 84
Manufacturer Merck
Form Tablet
Strength 333mg
Country France

  • 84 tabs 333mg $57.12
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Campral is medication that affects the chemical in the brain that causes the imbalanced in a person who is addicted in alcohol. This drug works by restoring chemicals balance in the patient's brain that is alcohol dependent which had recently stopped drinking.


Campral is used for the medication of patient who had just quit from drinking and decided not to drink anymore. This works with the help of behavior modification and counseling support.

Side effects

In taking Campral they are possible side effects that arose during the treatment. It is important that a patient should know the condition that might appear. Some of these are allergic reactions like difficulty in breathing, hive and swelling in the mouth, lips and throat. Some of the less severe side effects are nausea, dizziness, problems with memory or thinking, vision problems, weakness, impotence, cold or flu-like symptoms, constipation, drowsiness, numbness or tingly feeling, headache, sweating, stomach pain, insomnia, dry mouth, mild skin rash and joint or muscle pain. Some of the severe side effects are mood or behavior changes, severe anxiety or depression, urinating less than usual or not at all swelling, weight gain, feeling short of breath, fast or pounding heartbeats, and thoughts about hurting yourself confusion, feeling like you might pass out and increased thirst. If these conditions are persistent stop taking the medication and call your doctor for immediate help.


This drug is contraindicated to patients that are having allergic reaction from the medication. In patient's that are having condition severe kidney disease should not take this medication. In taking this medication people who are having suicidal thoughts are not allowed to use this drug.


In storing this medication keep this away from the reach of children and store this in a room temperature.


Campral has the main active ingredient Acamprosate with the strength of 333 mg. This is pack with 84 pieces per packaging and is formed as a tablet.

Important Precautions

This medication must be given with the prescription from doctor. If they are patient who are allergic with the drug or having conditions that may affect the treatment it is important to inform the doctor. Remember that when taking this drug you must inform the doctor if you were schedule for a surgery.

Dosage and administration

Patients should have the prescription from the doctor if they are using this drug. In taking this medication it is important that you must ask the proper dosage of the medication. Avoid taking the medication more than or less than what was prescribed by the doctor. In using this drug it is important that you have a measuring spoon for the proper dosage of the drug. When the medication has a composition of lumps or discolorations of the liquid avoid using the drug. After the patient had stopped from drinking immediately use the medication so that it would be effective. The initial dose of this drug is 3 times a day with the intake of food and this can be taken too without food.