Metformin, Careprost, Sildenafil, Tadalafil

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US Brand Name Canine Health
Generic Name Multivitamins + Minerals
Other Brand Name Canine Health
Packing 60
Manufacturer Cipla
Form Tablet
Strength Minerals, Calcium (min) 2.5%, (max) 3.5% + Phosphorous 2.5% + Potassium 0.4% + Salt (min.) 0.1%, (max) 0.6% + Chloride 0.1% +Magnesium 0.15% + Iron 3mg + Copper 0.1mg +Manganese 0.25mg + Zinc 1.4mg Vitamins, Vitamin A 1000IU + Vitamin D 100 IU + Vitamin E 2IU + thiamine 0.81mg + Riboflavine 1.0mg + Niacin 10.0mg + Pyridoxine 0.1mg + Vitamin B12 0.5mcg

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