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US Brand Name Generic Lumigan
Generic Name Bimatoprost
Other Brand Name Careprost
Packing 3ml
Manufacturer Sun pharma
Form Opthalmic Eye Solution
Strength 0.03%
Country India

  • 0.03% 3 ml $15.40
  • Applicator $1.50
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Careprost medication is taken to reduced increase intraocular pressure. It is prescribed to patients suffering from the problem of intraocular hypertension or glaucoma. Careprost makes your eyelashes grow. It significantly increases the counts of hairs in the anagen phase, which is basically the initial growth phase. It also stretches the duration of hairs staying in the anagen phase, enabling them to grow more.


Careprost is the only verified medication recommended for the treatment of inadequately small eyelashes (hypotrichosis). When applied on the lash line of the upper eyelid base, the eye drops increase the volume as well as the length of the eye lashes. Also, the bimatoprost opthalmic solution is also prescribed for treating glaucoma. In case of glaucoma, it increases the movement of fluid out of the eye, ensuing restricted pressure.


The active ingredient present in Carepost is Bimatoprost. It comes from the family of medications called prostaglandin analogue.

Dosage and administration

Normally, careprost

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