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US Brand Name Carni Paste
Generic Name L-Carnitine/ D-Panthenol
Other Brand Name Carni Paste
Packing 250g
Manufacturer Cipla
Form Paste
Strength L-Carnitine 200 mg D-Panthenol 20 mg
Country India

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Carni Paste is essential co-factor of lipid metabolism that found in living tissues, particularly the heart and skeletal muscles, where this is involved in cellular energy production.


This drug is used dietary deficiency of L-carnitine, skeletal muscles dysfunction and weakness, cardiac enlargement, cardiac failure and rhythm disturbances, hepatic dysfunction, hepatic lipidosis, renal disease, convalescence.

Side effects

Obtain crisis healthcare assist for those who have these indicators of the allergic attack: like hives; trouble inhaling and exhaling; inflammation in the mouth, lips, throat, or tongue. Cease utilizing L-Carnitine D-Panthenol suppositories for those who have cardiac enlargement, cardiac failure and rhythm disturbances. If these conditions are keep on persisting stop taking the medication and call your doctor at once.


You should not take advantage of this medication if you are allergic to-Carnitine 200 mg D-Panthenol 20 mg well as if you are in the condition of having large wounds and severe swelling are not allowed to use the medication. If there are other creams or drugs that can affect with the treatment ask your doctor about it.


Store the medication in a room temperature and keep it away from the reach of children.


This drug is composed with the strength of 200 mg L-carnitine and 20 mg of Panthenola. This drug has packaging of 250 gm and marketed in the form of paste.

Important Precautions

Prior to utilizing Carni Paste, inform your physician or even druggist if you're hypersensitive into it; or even for those who have every other allergic reaction. The product might include non-active elements, which could trigger allergy symptoms or even additional difficulties. Speak to your pharmacist with regard to additional information. For those who have the next health condition, seek advice from your physician or even druggist prior to by using this item pores and skins an infection within the impacted region. Inform your physician if you're expecting prior to by using this medicine. It's not recognized regardless of whether this particular medication goes by in to breasts whole milk. Seek advice from your physician prior to breast-feeding.

Dosage and administration

Make use of this medicine just as aimed about the content label, or even because recommended because of your physician. Don't utilize it within bigger quantities or even with regard to lengthier compared to suggest. Utilize sufficient of the medicine to pay for the whole region to become handled. Carni Paste frequently simply leaves the slim whitened deposits which might not be completely applied within. Take away the external wrapper in the suppository prior to placing this. Prevent dealing with the actual suppository too much time or even it'll dissolve inside your fingers. With regard to greatest outcomes in the suppository, lay down following placing this as well as maintain within the suppository. The actual suppository may dissolve rapidly as soon as put and you ought to really feel little if any soreness whilst keeping this within. Cease by using this medicine as well as phone your physician in case your situation doesn't enhance inside seven days associated with remedy.