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US Brand Name Treclin
Generic Name Clindamycin/ Tretinoin Gel 10gm
Other Brand Name TRECLIN
Packing 1
Manufacturer Elder
Form Gel 10gm
Strength 1% + 0.025%

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Clindamycin is a prescription antibiotic medication that is approved for treating specific kinds of bacterial infections, but not all bacterial infections. The medication is available in oral, injectable as well as in gel forms. Clindamycin gel, also known as Tretinoin gel, is used for treating acne. The gel is available in the market in the dosage strength of 10gm. The medication can be easily available at various online stores.


The drug belongs to group of antibiotics referred as lincosamides. The oral and injectable forms of the medicine are used for treating some of the respiratory tract infections, skin infections, stomach infections or abscesses, female pelvic infection and bloodstream, bone or joint infection. On the other hand, gel, lotion or other form the drug is applied to the skin for treating acne. The drug helps in providing relief by fighting against the bacteria in the body.

Side effects

The common side-effects experienced by those people who are taking the medication in oral or injectable form are nausea, abdominal, skin rash, diarrhea, unpleasant taste of mouth, etc. Itching, burning sensation, redness, sensitivity to sunlight, etc. are common problems observed after application of gels or creams. Severe side-effects that require immediate medical attention are allergic reactions, swelling, blistering, severe redness, etc.


The oral tablet needs to store at room temperature, away from the reach of heat and moisture. Do not store Tretinion gel in refrigerator. Store it at room temperature i.e. 15-30 degrees C or 59-86 degrees F.


Clindamycin HCL is considered as the active ingredient in the medicine.

Important Precautions

If a person is allergic to clindamycin or lincomycin, he is strictly advice not to use Clindamycin tablet or gel. Similarly, if a person is taking erythromycin, he is advised not to use the drug without doctor’s recommendation. Additionally, if a person is having any kind of liver disease, kidney disease, allergic skin reaction or intestinal disorder, the drug should be used after doctor’s approval. If a woman is pregnant or planning to become pregnant, it is important to tell this fact to doctor before taking the drug.

Dosage and administration

The severity of infection, medical facts of person, etc. are some of the factors which are considered before determining dosage of a person. Generally, the recommended dosage for adults is 150 to 450 mg of capsules taken after every six hours. In the case of injectable form, the normal dosage ranges from 1200mg-2700mg total per day. These doses are further divided into 2-4 small doses on daily basis. The Tretinoin gel or cream needs to apply once in a day at the sight of acne lesions. Initially, application of gel may cause some kind of warmth feeling, but it goes away within certain time frame. Avoid using the gel in excessive quantity. It is important to take the drug as prescribed by doctors to obtain the required results.


When a person takes overdosage of Clindamycin, it becomes important to seek medical attention immediately.