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US Brand Name Cormelian
Generic Name Dilazep
Other Brand Name Cormelian
Packing 10
Manufacturer Khandelwal
Form Tablet
Strength 100 mg

  • 10 tabs 100 mg $5.00
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This drug is considered as an antiplatelet agent that is generally used as an antithrombotic drug that is use clinically.


This medication is used with a potent therapeutic value to patients that are having conditions of hyperciagulable. This is a state wherein the inhibitory property on the procoagulant activity of cells such as endothelial and monocytes.


Patient with allergic reaction from medication it is important that a patient must avoid it. During the treatment it is important that a patient should know if there conditions could be contraindicated with the medication.


This medication is marketed in the form of a tablet with the strength of 100 mg. This has the main active ingredient with the packaging of 10 pieces per blister foil.

Important Precautions

In using this medication it is important that you must have the proper prescription from the doctor. Inform your doctor if they are allergic reactions that may affect the treatment. In pregnant women that are pregnant or planning to get pregnant this drug must have the consultation of the doctor. Nursing mothers are not allowed to use the drug without the doctor

Dosage and administration

In using this medication it is important that a patient must consult the doctor to ensure for the proper prescriptions of the drug. This dosage of this drug shall be given by the doctor depending on the result of the consultation. To ensure the safety of the patient it is important that you must follow the instructions that was given by the doctor, or read the label that is found in the box of the drug. This drug should not be taken greater than or lesser than what was given by the physician. In taking this medication it is important to have this with the intake of food and with a glass of water. The initial dosage of this drug is at least 3 times a day with the 100 mg tablet. In using this medication, do not use this if the drug it is crack, pound, chewed or break into pieces for this could give severe side effects. You must swallow the tablet and let it melt in the stomach so that it could the best result. Use the tablet only if it is time for the medication, avoid opening if it is not time to take the drug. In taking this medication your hands must be dry.