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US Brand Name Coumadin
Generic Name Warfarin
Other Brand Name Coumadin
Packing 50
Manufacturer Merck, Bristol-Myers, Sigma
Form Tablet
Strength 1mg, 2mg, 5mg
Country India

  • 50 tabs 1mg $10.00
  • 50 tabs 2mg $11.00
  • 50 tabs 5mg $15.00
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Warfarin is known as a unit of those drugs belonging to anti agonist family. These drugs are capable of relaxing the contracted muscles which is normally the cause of heart attacks. The ability of this drug to relax the muscles in the heart gives way to the blood to flow with less difficulty. The compounds of Warfarin delayed the activity of muscles to contract and make the patient worry free from the threat of having heart failure.


Warfarin is used as the stock blood terminator because of its capability to make the blood clots become thin allowing the blood to flow normally. It helps the body from keeping away from heart attacks and other related heart problems that will lead to its dysfunction. Warfarin activates by giving off substance that relaxes the contraction of muscles in the heart area and creates space for the blood to flow freely. It is used to control the forming of blood clots that triggers the condition of heart to fail.


Warfarin drug medicine is contraindicated to patients who have experienced surgery and cardiac arrest. This medicine is primarily contraindicated also to those who have allergy to the components of this product. This medicine drug is also strictly prohibited to pregnant women, components of this drug causes fatal effect to the unborn child inside the mother


Warfarin is of a tablet form with 1mg, 2mg, and 5mg strength and is packed with 50 tablets in each blister pack.

Dosage and administration

The first dosage of Warfarin tablet is normally 2mg to 5 mg, for adults. The dosage usually depends on the recent state of the patient. Warfarin is orally taken with liquid as an element to pushed inside, done before meal. Only the doctor can allow the patient to have the adjustment of the dosage and no other else. Have it in a different dose to give the medicine a time to subside and gives effect in the body.