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US Brand Name Desferal
Generic Name Desferrioxamine methanesulfonate
Other Brand Name Desferal
Packing 10
Manufacturer Novartis India
Form Ampule
Strength 0.5g
Country India

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Desferriox amine methane sulphonate belongs to a class of drugs called iron chelators. Desferriox amine methane sulphonate is used to remove excess iron and aluminum from the body. This may be necessary in patients with certain types of anemia that often require blood transfusions (which can lead to excess iron) and in patients with severe renal impairment who undergo dialysis on a regular basis (which can cause an excess of aluminum body).


Desferriox amine methane sulphonate can be used to treat the following conditions: Chronic iron overload, due to such frequent transfusions thalassemia major; Acute poisoning with iron; Chronic aluminum overload in patients with severe renal dialysis are under maintenance. Desferriox amine methane sulphonate can be used to test iron or aluminum overload.

Side effects

Very rare â


Desferriox amine methane sulphonate is suitable for a large proportion of patients, but not all. Therefore, you should discuss with your doctor if you have had an allergic reaction (e.g. rash or wheezing) after previous use of Desferriox amine methane sulphonate.


Desferriox amine methane sulphonate is supplied in vials containing the active substance in the form of lyophilized Desferriox amine methane sulphonate. One vial contains 500 mg of Desferriox amine mesylate.

Dosage and administration

Your doctor will adjust your dosage specifically, to your condition. In most patients are suitable daily dose of 20-60 mg / kg. Desferriox amine methane sulphonate can be given under the skin using a slow infusion pump infusion, venous infusion or intramuscular injection. To prepare solutions for infusion and subcutaneous injection, carefully follow the instructions below: 1. Draw water for injection in a syringe. 2. After cleaning with alcohol the rubber stopper of the vial of Desferriox amine methane sulphonate, insert the syringe into the vial. 3. Shake well to dissolve the lyophilisate. 4. Aspirate the dissolved drug in the syringe. 5. Attach the syringe extension tube, extension tube connected to the butterfly needle and then fill the empty space of the tube with the solution in the syringe. 6. Place syringe infusion pump. 7. For infusion subcutaneous butterfly needle can enter the abdomen, arm, upper leg or thigh. It is particularly important to clean the skin thoroughly with alcohol before inserting the needle firmly to the wings of the needle through a fold of skin created with free hands. The needle should move freely when the needle is moved. If it does not move freely, it means that the needle may be too close to the skin. Try again in another place, after you clean the area first with alcohol. 8. Then, hold the needle and fold it down. 9. Patients usually wear the pump on them using a belt or shoulder support. A large proportion of patients consider overnight use as the best.