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US Brand Name Dostinex
Generic Name Cabergoline
Other Brand Name Dostinex
Packing 8
Manufacturer Pfizer
Form Tablet
Strength 0.5mg
Country Italy, Turkey

  • 8 tabs 0.5mg $27.92
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Cabergoline is an approved drug that is used to reduce the productions of high levels of prolactin hormone for both men and women. Manufacturer of this product id Pfizer and it is usually given to patients in the form of tablets. The generic name of this drug is Cabergoline and US brand name is Dostinex. Normally, the strength of this tablet is 0.5 mg and stored in a tightly closed containers.


Main use of this medicine is to reduce the productions of high level of prolactin in women and men. Generally, these high levels of prolactin productions increase the difficulty of pregnant and also it causes symptoms in breast milk. For men these high levels of prolactin reduce the sexual ability. Cabergoline medicines directly act with prolactin hormone and block the excessive rate of productions.

Side effects

Usual side effects are diarrhea, nausea, vomiting conditions, food back, and stomach upset. You might be affected with rashes, itching of skin and swelling in the joints of hands and legs. You should urgently contact your doctors in case of if you subject to side effects like vomiting and food back conditions.


If you are a pregnant or a breast feeding women then you should contact with pharmacist before taking medicines. Since this medicine may create hypersensitivity reactions, you should understand your medical responses of using medicines. Do not share the tablets with any one of the members in your home because all medications are based on responses of particular people for the use of medicines.


Store medicines at the temperature range of 20 to 25 degrees C. You should keep the medicines far away from the reach of children and pets in your home. After the expiry date of the medicine carefully dispose it by using proper techniques. Do not keep the medicine to the sunlight and moistures.


Active ingredient of this medicine is Cabergoline and it is a white colored and highly soluble in ethyl alcohol and chloroform. It is not soluble in the water and also it is slightly soluble in hydrochloric acid. Major part of this drug is contributed by the active ingredient and some of the inactive components are leucine, lactose and NF.

Important Precautions

You need to explain your allergic conditions with doctors before taking treatments. If you are having any problems like liver disease and high blood pressure then you need to consult with doctor to safely perform the treatments without any infections. If you are using other medications like metoclopramide, chlorpromazine, haloperidol and any kinds of herbal products, then you should tell the doctor about your previous medicines.

Dosage and administration

Dosage levels are twice per day as per the prescriptions of pharmacists. It should be taken with heavy food along with glass of water. Do not take overdose if you miss the dosage for particular day. In that case skip the medicine for that day and take for next day but do not take more than one tablet at the same time. Otherwise it may poison your blood.