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US Brand Name Eligard
Generic Name Leuprolide Acetate
Other Brand Name Eligard
Packing 1
Manufacturer Astellas, Emcure Pharma
Form Injection
Strength 7.5mg 22.5mg
Country India

  • 7.5mg Injection $255.30
  • 22.5mg Injection $654.90
  • 45mg Injection $3,435.09
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Leuprolide acetate is an authorized drug medicine that is used for the treatment of cancer. Generic name of this medicine is leuprolide and US brand name is Eligard. It was manufactured by Astellas and it is usually in the form of injection. Normal strength of this medicine varies as 7.5 mg and 22.5 mg.


The general use of this medicine is prostate cancer. It also used to cure Endometriosis uterine and leiomyomas diseases. It is best medicine for the treatment for children's Central precocious puberty disease. Different compositions are used as per the kind of problems that are prescribed by the expert doctors.

Side effects

People may subject to skin problems like pruritus, and rashes in the faces and various parts of body. There might be eye problems sometimes like blurred vision and itching. Some people are affected by nausea, diarrhoea, and vomiting conditions and nervousness. Erectile dysfunction is another form of side effect when you take these medicines. Sometimes when you eat food it remains as tasteless which denotes one of the side effect of this medicine. If you are having any of these problems you should contact immediately your nearest medical centre and you should also have the urgent number for the hospitals.


These medicines are having Contraindication to pregnant and breast feeding women. They need to consult with doctor before taking this injection. There may be Hypersensitivity reactions for this drug and any of the elements. You should not use this medicine if you are having the problems in liver and caridiac and you need to explain these medical conditions with your pharmacist.


Normal storage temperature of this drug is 25-30 degrees. You should note the expiry date of medicines and if the expiry date is over then you should dispose the medicines in a proper way by contacting the pharmacist. It should not be kept in the moisture conditions and sunlight. It should be kept far away from the reach of children and pets in your home.


Active ingredient of this drug is leuprolide and there are more inactive components like nilutamide, flutamide, and bicalutamide. These inactive components usually generate sensitivity reactions in human body.

Important Precautions

You should not drive the vehicles after the dosage for at least one week because the medicine can affect your eyes that may danger for your lives. You need to tell your medical conditions to the doctor before taking the medicines. You should explain your allergic conditions for this medicine with your pharmacist. Always patients should monitor antigen levels in the blood and it should be checked for every week.

Dosage and administration

If your problem is prostate cancer, then the dosage should be 1 mg on daily basis and 7.5 mg on monthly basis. If you are having the disease Endometriosis then the dosage will be 3.75 gm per month. If the children are having trouble of Central precocious puberty then the dosage should be given as 50 mcg per day and it can be incremented 10 mcg for successive days. Note that these medications should be prescribed by only the doctors.