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US Brand Name Emla
Generic Name Lidocaine/ Prilocaine
Other Brand Name Emla
Packing 30g
Manufacturer Astra Zeneca
Form Cream
Strength Lidocaine 25 mg, prilocaine 25 mg

  • 30G Cream 2.5%+2.5% $49.00
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Emla cream is an authorized drug medicine and it used to produce the effect like numbing before doing any therapy treatment and anesthetic infiltration. The US brand name of this drug is Emla and generic name is lidocaine, Prilocaine. It is usually in the form of cream that is stored in small containers. Manufacturer of this drug is Astra Zeneca and strength of this drug usually Idocaine 25 mg, and prilocaine 25 mg and it also contains some inactive ingredients.


This medicine is especially designed for the purpose to avoid pain when performing any treatments like therapy and anesthetic infiltration. General action of this drug includes elimination of sensitivity of skin due to brain. When it is applied to particular area where the treatments to be handled, it temporarily stops the pulses generated by brain systems. After applying the creams, it avoids all the sensitivity of skins and produces a numbing effect.

Side effects

You need to contact your pharmacist immediately if you experience the following side effects. Some people may subject to breathing problems if they do not take medicines on consistent basis. You may also affected by some problems like swelling in your joints of hands, faces and throat. Someone may also experience problems like sleepiness and unsteadiness.


This drug is having high level of hypersensitivity reactions for the amide type anesthetics. Make sure that this drug is not for the use of children who are having the age below 18 years. If you are pregnant women, then you need to contact your pharmacist before taking this medicine.


Storage temperature of this medicine is 15-30 degrees C. It should not be kept in the sunlight and moistures conditions. It should be far away from the reach of children and pets in your home. The container should always in a tightly closed manner.


Active component of this drug is lidocaine 2.5% and prilocaine 2.5%. And also there are more inactive elements like carboxy-poly-methylene, polyoxyethylene, fatty acid esters, and sodium hydroxide. Inactive ingredients in this drug may develop some side effects. Usually, the dosage level should be decided by pharmacist and it depends on the age limit and types of treatments.

Important Precautions

Tell your doctor whether you are having allergic conditions for the products of this drug. Share your sensitivity reactions for the inactive contents of this drug. Give a detailed report of your medical conditions to your pharmacist, if you are having any problems like breathing trouble, kidney failures, and liver problems.

Dosage and administration

Dosage is only designed for the adults who are having age of 25 and above. When it is the treatment like intravenous therapy, then 2.5 gm of Emla cream should be applied to the area of 25 cm squares of space in human body. If it is the treatment like anesthetic infiltration, then 2 gm of Emla cream equally spread into the area of 10 cm squares then cream should be maintained for 1 hour. If you are women, then the dosage should be 1 gm for 10 cm squares of area. After applying the cream, it should be maintained for at least 15 minutes.