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US Brand Name Enbrel
Generic Name Etanercept
Other Brand Name Enbrel
Packing 4
Manufacturer Wyeth, Pfizer
Form Vial
Strength 25mg
Country India

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    Generic Name:Etanercept
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Etanercept is divided into the category of drug for the main application is to avoid arthritis such as Rheumatoid arthritis and Polymyalgia rheumatic. The manufacturer of this drug is Wyeth and it is usually in the form of injections. Generic name of this drug is Etanercept and US brand name is Enbrel. Normally medicine is in the form of liquid with the strength of 25 mg in a container.


Main usage of this drug is to avoid inflammations occur in the human body. Inflammations occurred in our body when the white blood cells start protecting infections due to viruses, bacteria, and fungi etc. Common form of inflammations is Rheumatoid arthritis which is occurred because virus infections.

Side effects

Main side effect of taking this medicine is flu fever. You may be subjected to some breathing problems and tiredness and sleepy feeling. If you take overdose then contact immediately the pharmacist because it may generate more side effects. Sometimes people may be affected by throat pain and weight loss.


The drug generates high allergic conditions when you affected from infections like fungi and viruses. It causes more side effects when you are having tuberculosis. So, it is your duty to explain your infections with your pharmacist. You need to tell your allergic conditions before taking treatment.


The storage temperature of this medicine usually ranges from 23-25 degrees. It is very important that should not be reachable to children. Keep the medicines in the tightly closed containers and do not allow your pets near the medicines. You should check the expiry date of the medicine frequently. It should not be kept in the sunlight and moisture conditions.


Active ingredient of this drug is Etanercept and many inactive ingredients like sucrose, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, mannitol, and tromethamine. The drug is injected in two forms, one is through vials and another one is via pre-filled syringes that are decided by the pharmacist. It also contains some elements like amino acids and cellular products with active and inactive ingredients.

Important Precautions

If you are having leukemia cancer then you should not take these medicines because it may increase the chances to death. Heart patients should not take this drug. You should consult with doctor if you are a pregnant or a breast feeding women and you need to tell the pharmacist if you are having liver problems and nervousness. Injections should be thoroughly cleaned before dosing.

Dosage and administration

Usually, dosages are in two forms one vials and pre-filled. When vials are used the active ingredient should be Etanercept and the inactive ingredients such as mannitol, sucrose and tromethamine. When the dosage is through pre-filled injections, the active ingredient is Etanercept and inactive ingredients like sucrose, sodium chloride, and sodium phosphate etc. Dosage may be taken on three times per week. You can increase the dosage level for every month on a particular level that is decided by the pharmacist. Injections should not be injected in hands and it should be on your middle thigh.