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US Brand Name Falciart Kit
Generic Name Artesunate/ Sulphadoxine/ Pyrimethamine
Other Brand Name Falciart Kit
Packing 9 ( 6 x Artesunate 100 mg, 3 x Sulphadoxine 500 mg + Pyrimethamine 25 mg)
Manufacturer Intas
Form tablet
Strength Artesunate 100 mg/ Sulphadoxine 500 mg/ Pyrimethamine 25 mg
Country India

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Artenusate is a medicine that is available in the form of tablets. It is prepared in different strengths depending on the intensity of the prepared medicine and the disease. Artenusate is advised for the cure of the disease of malaria. Self medication of Artenusate must be avoided and the minimum dosage must be suggested for the infants or child and dosage can be increased as per treatment goes on or according to the condition of the patients.


Artenusate is advised to use against the malarial fever and the symptoms of malaria that are caused in the human body by the mosquitoes. It can be advised for the treatment of malaria and other malarial infected patients of both older and younger age.

Side effects

If you are having renal infection than some side effects can happen to you. Hepatic problems can also be interrupting with the medicine showing certain side effects. Serious toxic side effects can also happen and the medicine can also prove mortal if the condition of the patient gets worse. Stop the medication immediately if any worse side effects occur or patient condition gets bad and seek the medical treatment soon. Anemia, hemolytic and vomiting can also happen.


Artenusate is highly contraindicated to the persons having the hypersensitivity to artenustae or sulphadoxine. It can also be contraindicated to persons having allergic response to the pyrimethamine. Artenusate can also be contraindicated to pregnant and lactating women. High dosage can contraindicate the elder people.


Store the Artenusate drug at room temperature.


Artenusate is composed of tablets and has the primarily artenusate in the active form that works directly against the bacterial and viral diseases. It also has sulphadoxine and pyrimethamine. Artenusate is prepared in the form of tablets including some other ingredients that enhance the action and working of the artenusate against the disease and the infection. The other ingredients are lactose, gelatin, corn starch, magnesium stearate and talc. Artenustae is present in 100 mg, sulphadoxine is in 500 mg and pyrimethamine is present in 25 mg in the drug.

Important Precautions

Self medication of Artenusate must be avoided. High dosage of the drug must not be done by own self. Over dosage must be taken after the doctor's advice. Care must be taken after the treatment as side effects can appear. Oral intake of medicine is also necessary. Regular dosage is important. Long or short term treatment must be done as the condition of the patients. Keep caution as the allergic response can occur. Take care while the intakes of Artenusate dosage if you are pregnant or you are breast feeding your child.

Dosage and administration

Artenusate tablets must be taken after the suggestion of the doctor. It should also be given after the prescription of the doctors. The dosage must be a tablet per day or as required by the condition and infection of the patient. Over dosage must not be done before any advice of doctor. The tablet must be taken orally after the meal or lunch or as advised.