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US Brand Name Ferriprox
Generic Name Deferiprone
Other Brand Name Ferriprox
Packing 100ml, 500ml
Manufacturer Apotex
Form Syrup
Strength 100mg, 500mg

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  • 500mg X 100ml Syrup $321.90
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Ferriprox Syrup treats people with genetic disorder in blood called thalassemia, a condition which has inadequate hemoglobin supply in the blood. These people undergo the treatment of this medicine to get rid of too much iron in the blood due to frequent blood transfusions. Patients with thalassemia have greater risks on diabetes, heart failure, arthritis, and liver disease so it needs the remedy of blood transfusion that is necessary but it connotes also that too much iron on which this drug medicine become a helpful tool to eliminate it and help the patient's health controlled.


Ferriprox syrup indicates on the treatment for overload iron among patients with thalassaemia when patients undergo the deferoxamine therapy is not advisable or insufficient.

Side effects

Immediate and direct medical assistance is very vital once a patient get some hives, breathing difficulty; throat, face, lips and mouth are swelling. Patient must take extra care to avoid the most fatal side effect of this medicine which is neutropenia or otherwise called as low white blood cells named as agranulocytosis. Tell your doctor as soon as you can when fever, flu symptoms, sore throat and chilling are experience as it might cause infection. Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction to Ferriprox: hives; hard way of breathing; swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat and if you worry about mild side effects like joint is painful and it swells; mild nausea, diarrhea, stomaching and vomiting; headache; rashes and discoloration of skin; loss of appetite and very common reddish urine.


Allergic reactions or hypersensitivity to this drug medicine or on its substance disallow the person to use this syrup especially those persons with history of neutropenia which often occurs, then those with agranulocytosis, those who are pregnant and mothers who are breastfeeding their babies. The undetermined mechanism of this drug medicine to the induced neutropenia, made it not good for patients suffering on this type of disease or to any of such related medicine that can trigger the agranulocytosis.


Store the Ferriprox syrup at a steady room temperature and avoid placing it in a wet place or too much hot storage temperature.


Each milliliter of this drug oral solution has 100 milligrams of deferiprone which is actually composed of 50 grams of deferiprone in 500 millilliters. Every milliliter of oral solutions of this medicinal drug has 0.4 milligrams of Sunset Yellow and the appearance of this oral solution becomes clear, orange red liquid.

Important Precautions

You must never start using this drug medicine once you have a blood disorder like neutropenia. A patient can safely take this medicine only if the doctor gave a prescription on this medicine but caution is important for those who have liver disease, cancer, heart ailment, kidney disease and low immune system. While taking this medicine and the patient get pregnant, she must stop taking the medicine right away and tell her doctor to make necessary steps as Ferriprox can cause harm to unborn child or fetus.

Dosage and administration

Drug medicine deferiprone in the form of oral solution is administer orally to the patient with a sum of everyday dosage equal to 75 milligrams or kilograms on patients body weight which is 100 milligrams or kilograms of body weight divided equally into its three doses for twenty to four weeks.