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US Brand Name Flebogamma
Generic Name Human normal Ig
Other Brand Name Flebogamma
Packing 5g, 10g
Manufacturer Grifols Lab
Strength 5%

  • 10gm IVIG $2,442.00
  • 5gm IVIG $1,243.20
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Flebogamma IVIG is plasma from intravenous solution of immunoglobulin used for persons who need the change or antibodies replacement as well as for those with autoimmune disorders.


This helpful drug medicine is good to cater the treatment for autoimmune disorders as well as replacement needs of patients for antibodies. Immune intravenous globulins are hygienic preparations of resolute antibodies which has immune globulins regained from pooled human plasma of healthy donors. These preparations deliver replacement therapy for people with immune deficiencies, as well as treatment for varieties of immunologically mediated or idiopathic diseases and syndromes.

Side effects

Following the infusion of this medicine, a patient may experience increase in createnine as well as blood urea of nitrogenous element as early as one to two days. There is a progression in anuria and oliguria requiring the necessity of the dialysis treatment yet some patients react spontaneously and progressively on the cessation of this medication. Moreover, there are also some types of grave renal adverse side effects after infusion of IGIV therapy that includes acute tubular nephrosis, renal failure, osmotic nephrosis, and proximal tubular nephropathy.


The patients who are deficient in IgA, or have hyperprolinemia, as well as those with severe allergic reactions on this medicine has contraindications disallowing them not to use the medicine.


There are some brands of this medicine that requires refrigeration but you must not let it frozen while there are also that needs only for the room temperature to keep. It is better to read the directions and prescription label carefully for guidance. Keep this medicine and its syringes with needles away from the children and put it in a safe place.


Flebogamma 5% is a highly cleansed with less than or equal to 99% IgG. This is unmodified, human IgG that contains the antibody specificities found in the donor population. IgG subclasses are entirely represented with each approximate percent of the sum of IgG: IgG1 which is 70.3%; IgG2 with 24.7%; IgG3 with 3.1% and IgG4 which has 1.9%. The IgA content is less than 0.05 milligram per milliliters and IgM is there in traceable amounts. In the final formulation, Flebogamma 5% has a final formulation that containing 50 milligrams of IgG per mililiter, 50 milligrams of D-sorbitol for every millilitter, and less than or equal to 6 milligrams per milliliter of polyethylene glycol. No preservatives added. The solution's pH is from 5 to 6 with osmolarity starts on 240 to 350 mOsm per liter.

Important Precautions

This IVIG product is link with acute renal problem, osmotic nephrosis, renal dysfunction and death. It may have some infectious elements due to its origin from human plasma. Some inflammatory reactions are rise in temperature, nausea, chilling, anaphylactoid and vomiting with hypersensitivity reactions of the patient. This can cause thromboembolic events, hemolytic anemia and aseptic syndrome.

Dosage and administration

This medicine is injectable to the veins via IV but one must never self-inject without much understanding of the process. IVIG is not advisable to inject in the muscle or skin. Never use this medication when changes in colors of particles happened. Call the doctor for the new prescription and dispose properly the unused medicine which are left after inject of dose medicine. Immune globulin intravenous is injected into a vein through an IV. You may be shown how to use an IV at home. Do not self-inject this medicine if you do not fully understand how to give the injection and properly dispose of used needles, IV tubing, and other items used to inject the medicine. Use each need which is disposable just once at a time. This medication lasts for three to four weeks with dosing schedule and dose which might vary depending on the doctor's advice. The patient must feel the positive result of this medication yet once feeling the ill side effects of this treatment, better seek for the doctor's assistance as soon as possible.