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US Brand Name Fluarix Vaccine
Generic Name Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (Split Virion)
Other Brand Name Fluarix Vaccine
Packing 0.5ml
Manufacturer GSK
Form Syringe
Strength 15mcg
Country India

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Inactivated influenza vaccine with the split virion is a killed vaccine that is given to people to prevent the entry of flu viruses. The influenza virus can lead to the development of flu like syndromes and is highly infection in that it can spread from one person to another through droplet infections. The vaccine is used to prevent the flu virus from being transmitted and affecting other people. It is the inactivated form of influenza virus.


The vaccine is commonly given to prevent the attack by influenza virus, in children and in adults. In certain health conditions, such as cystic fibrosis, diseases of cardiovascular conditions, chronic respiratory diseases, and people suffering from congenital acquired immunodeficiency, the vaccine should also be given as prophylaxis.

Side effects

Allergic reactions are to be marked in the form of hypersensitive reactions such as edema, itching, urticaria, itching, and laryngeodema. Muscular problems like weakness in the arms and legs, high fever, seizures, and unusual bleeding are usually seen. Side effects which are not very common can be joint pain, lump at the site of vaccine, muscle spasm, loss of appetite, etc which are minor but rare.


Those who have hypersensitivity reactions history should not be given the influenza virus vaccine. In case of few other disease conditions like uncontrolled neurological disease, seizure history, history of Guillan Barrie syndrome, or even those people who have allergy to eggs, people should not be given this vaccine.


The vaccine is to be kept away from light and freezing environment and stored at temperature of 2-8 deg C.


The fluarix injection of vaccine contains the inactivated influenza virus vaccine in the concentration of 15 mcg to be reconstituted in a liquid of 0.5 ml. The pack also contains a prefilled syringe with a volume of 0.5 ml with a marking at 0.25 ml.

Important Precautions

Bleeding disorders or clotting diseases present in a person disqualifies him or her from taking the vaccine. The physician should be alert about the presence of any immunological diseases and transplantation in the people receiving the inactivated influenza virus. The history of neurological diseases and brain manifestations should be asked properly. Minor cold is not an absolute contraindication, but the people should be asked about the acute febrile illness. Pregnancy, nursing mothers and planning for pregnancy should be enquired if the vaccine is to be given.

Dosage and administration

The vaccine of inactivated influenza virus is to be given into the muscle of the deltoid of the arm in a hospital set up. The vaccine is required to be given every year and sometimes booster dose after 1 month of the vaccine is to be given. The vaccine is usually given in the month of October and November. Children below 3 years are to be given 0.25 ml of the vaccine while above 3 years, everyone is administered with 0.5 ml of the vaccine.