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US Brand Name Advair
Generic Name Salmeterol/ Fluticasone Propionate
Other Brand Name Seroflo, Flutiair-S Puffcaps
Manufacturer Cipla, Sava medica
Packing 30
Form Rotacap
Strength 50 mcg/ 100 mcg, 50 mcg/ 250 mcg, 50 mcg/ 500 mcg

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Generic Advair is a prescription medication used for treating airway spasms or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). The drug comes in two forms—Diskus and HFA inhaler. The Advair Diskus is prescribed for treating COPD and asthma, whereas HFA inhaler treats asthma only.


The drug is used for preventing asthma attacks and symptoms of COPD. The Salmeterol, active ingredient of the drug, is considered as bronchodilator. It helps in relaxing muscles in the airways and thus enables a person to inhale and exhale air properly. Another active ingredient of the drug, Fluticasone, is referred as steroids. It helps in treating breathing problem and preventing asthma’s attacks.

Side effects

Many people, who take the medicine, do not experience any of its side-effects, whereas some experience mild and severe side-effects. Some of the less serious side-effects of the drug are nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, stuffy nose, hoarseness, dry mouth, etc. Some of the serious side-effects of the drug are allergic reactions, swelling on face, lips, blurred vision, uneven heart beats, cough with green or yellow mucus, worsening asthma symptoms, etc. An important fact is that these are some of the symptoms of the medication, not all symptoms.


Store the medication at room temperature i.e. in a cool and dry place. Keep it out the reach of children and do not forget to close the device when it is not in used.


The drug contains two active ingredients, Salmeterol and Fluticasone propionate.

Important Precautions

It is utmost important to take the medication after consultation with the healthcare professionals. Reason being, after evaluating medical facts of a person, he will tell whether the drug is suitable for him. There are certain conditions in which approval of doctors is required before taking generic Advair like: • If a woman is pregnant or breast-feeding • If a person is allergic to any drug • If a person has ever taken the treatment of thyroid, heart problem, HIV, oral thrush, tuberculosis, etc. • If he is taking any prescription, over-the-counter, herbal or vitamin supplements.

Dosage and administration

The certain factors on which dosage is determined are age of person, the disease which needs to treat, severity of disease and other medication which he is taking. It is important to take it in the prescribed manner or else it will cause serious side-effects. Generic Advair needs to breathe through the mouth. The recommended dosage for children 4 years or above and for adult is one spray of appropriate strength as recommended by doctors taken twice daily. For effective results, take the dosage on daily basis.


Avoid taking the overdosage of the drug as it will show symptoms like irregular heartbeats, weakness, nausea, seizures, chest pain, headache, etc. Without any delay, seek the medical attention on immediate basis.