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US Brand Name Alkeran
Generic Name Melphalan
Other Brand Name Alphalan
Packing 25
Manufacturer Natco
Form Tablet
Strength 2mg
Country India

  • 25 tabs 2mg $137.00
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Melphalan is a drug use to treat serious condition of cancer. Its compounds help in lowering the spread of cancer in the body of the patient who suffers certain diseases. This drug belongs to the family of alkaline agents. It activates by anticipating the activity of the cancer cells in the body of the patient. Melphalan is an intravenous drug which is normally used to patients with serious health related problems like cancer.


Melphalan is for primary purpose of treating cancer ailments. It is of a big help to patients who undergone process of treating cancers. A Melphalan compound is active in slowing down the stretching of numbers of the cancer cells. Its properties is use as blocker because it has a quick response in fighting back the cancer in the body by giving out alkaline substances that opposed to production of cancer.


Melphalan is of a tablet form with 2 mg strength per tablets and is packed with 25 in every pack.

Dosage and administration

First dosage of Melphalan to patients with serious cancer condition is normally 2 mg for less serious condition but the dosage actually depends on the patient