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US Brand Name Artrodar
Generic Name Diacerein
Other Brand Name Hilin, Dycerin
Manufacturer TRB Chemedica, Ranbaxy (Croslands)
Packing 10
Form Tablet, Capsule
Strength 50 mg

  • 50 caps 50 mg $49.50
Available online
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Osteoarthritis is regarded as one of the most common forms of arthritis which affects shoulders, knees, hips, hands, etc. In this condition, the cartilage protecting ends of bones breaks down, resulting in pain and swelling. For treating such condition, generic Artrodar is recommended by doctors. Diacerein tablet is the generic name of the condition. The drug is available in the dosage strength of 50 mg in various reputed online stores and pharmacies.


The Diacerein tablet is considered as slow acting drug which helps in slowing down the breakdown of cartilage, thereby providing relief from swelling and pain.


Diacerein is the active ingredient in generic Artrodar.

Dosage and administration

For getting the best result of generic Artrodar, it is important to take the medication as per doctors