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US Brand Name Atarax
Generic Name Hydroxyzine HCl
Other Brand Name Atarax 10 mg, Atarax 25 mg
Form Tabletlet
Strength 10 mg, 25 mg

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Generic Atarax, brand name of hydroxyzine hydrochloride, is a prescription medication approved by the FDA to be used in the treatment of different conditions like anxiety and itching. Atarax belongs to the antihistamine group of drugs and its anticholinergic and sedative properties are used to treat allergic reactions. Histamine is produced in the body during several types of allergic reactions and viral infections like common cold. The histamine produced binds to its receptor cells causing cells to release chemical messengers that lead to itching and sneezing. Like histamine antihistamines too binds with the histamine receptors but do not stimulate cells to release chemical messenger and they also prevent histamine from stimulating and binding the cells.


Generic Atarax is prescribed and used in the treatment of following conditions: • Anxiety and tension caused due to psychiatric disorders • Itching caused due to allergies like atopic dermatitis or contact dermatitis or caused due to non-allergic histamine reactions • Used as a sedative before and after general anesthesia Generic Atarax is specifically used in combination with opioid pain relievers like morphine. This medication not only helps opioid work better but it also helps relieve the itching that opioids can cause.

Side effects

Like any other medicines, Atarax might also cause some side effects, although the effects are more likely to be minor and temporary. In case of serious or bothersome side effects the patients need to immediately inform the doctor or visit the nearest hospital. Some of the common side effects that are usually anticipated include vomiting, nausea, dry mouth, headache, dizziness, and drowsiness. Some of the serious side effects of generic Atarax are convulsions, tremors, and swelling of lips, tongue and face.


Generic Atarax must be stored at room temperature of 20-25 degrees C and must be kept away from moisture and heat. Keep the medication away from the reach of children and pets.


Atarax contains the active ingredient Hydroxyzine Hydrochloride.

Important Precautions

People taking generic Atarax need to discuss their medical conditions before starting the medication especially if they are allergic to hydroxyzine hydrochloride or any other ingredient fount in the medication. The patients need to notify their doctor if they are suffering from any of the following problems: • Liver & Kidney disease • Enlarged prostate • High blood pressure and Heart disease • Asthma or breathing problems • Problem in urination • Glaucoma and Epilepsy • Dementia • Stomach ulcer • Thyroid

Dosage and administration

The dosage of generic Atarax will vary from person to person as doctor prescribed the right dosage depending upon the patient’s medical conditions and the severity of the problem. The patients are strictly recommended to take the doctors prescribed dosage and should not alter the dosage on their own. However, the initial dosage of generic Atarax for the treatment of itching in adults is 25 mg of tablet taken three to four times in a day. The medication need to be taken daily and can be taken with or without food. The tablet should be swallowed with a glass of water and should not be crushed or chewed.


Overdose of any medication results in serious consequences and thus, if a patient suspect overdose of Atarax then patient must immediately seek medical attention. Some of the overdose symptoms of Atarax are nausea, vomiting, and extreme drowsiness.