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US Brand Name Generic Capoten
Generic Name Captopril
Other Brand Name Captopril, Angiopril, Aceten
Packing 10
Manufacturer Hab Pharma, Lupin, Wockhardt, Torrent Pharma
Form Tablet
Strength 12.5 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg
Country India

  • 56 tabs 50mg $13.90
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Generic Capoten comes from the family of drugs called angiotens in. It converts enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. The medication helps to prevent a chemical called angiotens in I in blood from converting into a severely effective form that boost up the level of salt and water retention in the body. Also, Capoten helps in enhancing the flow of the blood throughout your blood vessels.


Generic Capoten is prescribed for the treatment of high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. For patients suffering from the problem of high blood pressure, the medication is prescribed alone or in combination with other diuretics. In case of congestive heart failure, it is given in combination with digitalis as well as diuretics.

Side effects

Some of the common, known side effects of Generic Capoten are loss of taste, rash, low blood pressure and itching. In addition, other known but rare side effects abdominal aching, angina pectoris, blisters, blurred vision, breast development in males, cardiac arrest, changes in heart rhythm, palpitations, chest pain, confusion, constipation, anemia,, cough, depression, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, fever and chills, flushing, general feeling of ill health, hair loss, headache, heart attack, heart failure, impotence, sleeplessness, indigestion, inflammation of the nose, inflammation of the tongue, labored breathing, peptic ulcer, lung inflammation, muscle pain and/or weakness, nausea, nervousness, diarrhea, pallor, rapid heartbeat, wheezing, sensitivity to light, tingling or pins and needles, skin inflammation, skin peeling, sleepiness, sore throat, stomach irritation, stroke, sudden fainting or loss of strength, swelling of face, lips, tongue, throat, or arms and legs, vomiting, tiredness, yellow eyes and skin.


Keep the drug at room temperature and away from the reach of moisture, light, pets and children. Do not store it in the bathroom. It is normal for the medication to have slightly sulfur like odor.


Captopril is the active ingredient used in the composition of Generic Capoten.

Important Precautions

Patients having or have had kidney disease, must consult their doctors before taking Capoten. They may have to take addition blood pressure medications Secondly, those who are taking Generic Capoten for their heart, need to be careful about not increasing their physical activity too rapidly. Thirdly, if you are taking it for congestive heart failure, then you may notice reduced blood pressure for some time. It is important for the doctor to monitor the patients when they start taking this medication. Also, the dosage needs to be checked as high dose of diuretics and Generic Capoten; you may cause significant low blood pressure.

Dosage and administration

Generic Capoten should be taken as prescribed by your doctor. It is taken 1 hour before food. Patients, who are also taking an antacid like Mylanta, need to have at least 2 hours gap between this mediaction and their meal. Patients are strictly advised not to stop or start taking Generic Capoten without consulting their doctor. Sudden stopping can cause high blood pressure.


In case of overdose suspicion, patients are advised to immediately call the doctor. Some known symptoms of overdose are myocardial infarction, stroke, fatigue, weakness, labored breath, considerable worsening of arterial tension, extreme dizziness, hassled respiration, and angioedema.