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US Brand Name Celexa
Generic Name Citalopram, (Escitalopram)
Other Brand Name Citadep, Seropram, Citalopram
Manufacturer SUN PHARMA, Lundbeck, UK Generic
Packing 10
Form Tablet
Strength 20 mg

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Generic Celexa, a prescription medication, is used for treating clinical depression (also known as depression). In the market, the tablets of the drug are available in the dosage form of 10, 20 and 30mg. The drug is also available in liquid form. It can be easily purchased from several online drug pharmacies and stores.


The drug is approved for treating the condition of depression in both males and females. Panic disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder are two other conditions for which the drug is recommended. The drug belongs to group of anti-depression medicines, serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). The drug works by affecting those chemicals in the brain which become unbalanced due to some reason and cause depression.

Side effects

It is not necessary that every person taking generic Celexa would experience its side-effects. Some of the common and less serious side-effects of the drug are weight changes, urinating more than usual, sleeping problems, drowsiness, yawning, decreased sex drive, etc. Some people experience serious side-effects of the condition. The serious side-effects include high fever, loss of coordination, vomiting, memory problems, hallucinations, shallow breathing, etc. These side-effects need to report to doctor on immediate basis.


Store the drug away from heat and light and at the room temperature.


Citalopram acts as a main ingredient in the drug.


Before taking generic Celexa, it is important to have words with healthcare provider and discuss following facts with him: Medical History- If a person is suffering from bipolar disorder, heart disease, congestive heart failure, seizure, liver disease, kidney disease or any kind of allergy, s/he should take the drug after doctor’s consultation. Drug Interactions- There are some drugs which may interact with generic Celexa like antidepressants, NSAID and medicine like cimetidine, warafarin, lithium, etc. Therefore, it becomes important to tell doctors about all medications which a person is taking. Moreover, if a woman is pregnant, breast-feeding or planning to become pregnant, she must disclose the fact to doctor before taking the medicine.

Dosage and administration

Healthcare provider will consider a number of factors before determining dosage. Normally, the usual recommended dosage of depression is 20mg tablet, taken once in a day. The maximum dosage recommended in a day is 40mg. Depending upon the body response of a patient, the dosage can be increased or decreased. Try taking dosage same time every day. The drug may take time span of 4 weeks or longer in showing positive results. It is advice not to increase or decrease the dosage without doctor’s recommendation.


If a person takes overdosage of generic Celexa, side-effects are likely to occur. However, factors like how much drug is taken and whether it is taken with some other medication determine the effects of overdose of Celexa. Drowsiness, fast heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, etc. are some of the side-effects of overdosage of the drug. Appearance of these effects should not be ignored; it is important to consult with healthcare provider immediately.