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US Brand Name Clarinex
Generic Name Desloratadine
Other Brand Name DAZIT
Manufacturer SUN PHARMA
Packing 10
Form Tablet
Strength 5 mg

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Generic Clarinex or Desloratadine belongs to the antihistamine class of drug, which treats several allergic reactions like sneezing, itchy nose, itchy throat, watery eyes and red eyes. This highly effective anti allergic medication can be used by both adults and children. The medication is not only found effective in the treatment of allergy symptoms like sneezing and running nose but it also prove effective in relief of indoor allergy symptoms like allergy caused due to fungi, animals, house dust, dust mites and cockroaches. Generic Clarinex also provide anti inflammatory action. The medication treat allergy symptoms but it does not cure the allergies.


Generic Clarinex is used in the treatment of a range of allergic symptoms like sneezing, itching, watery eyes and running nose. The medication works by reducing the natural histamine effect in the body that usually gives rise to allergic symptoms. Intake of generic Clarinex reduces the allergic symptoms and the problems that occur due to allergies. Desloratadine, the active ingredient present in the medication blocks the release of natural histamine from the body. The medication is found effective in preventing the allergic symptoms as it works by blocking the histamine and relieves the individual from the allergy symptoms. Generic Clarinex is also found effective in the treatment of skin itching and hives that occur due to chronic idiopathic urticaria.

Side effects

Like any other medications side effects are also associated with generic Clarinex. Some mild and not so severe side effects do not require any medical attention as it automatically disappears after the regular use of the medication. However, some severe and bothersome side effects need to be immediately consulted with the doctor. Some of commonly associated side effects include:
• Fever and dry mouth • Yellowing of the eyes and skin • Dizziness and tiredness • Convulsions • Muscle aches • Sore throat


Generic Clarinex must be stored at normal room temperature of 15 to 30 degree centigrade and must be prevented from excessive heat, light and moisture. The medication must also be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Expired medication must be safely disposed to avoid any harm.


Generic Clarinex contains active ingredient known as Desloratadine.

Important Precautions

People taking generic Clarinex need to consult their doctor before starting the intake of the medication, especially if they are allergic to any of the ingredient present in the Clarinex. People suffering from any of the following conditions need to notify their doctor so that they avail the proper treatment: • Kidney or Liver Diseases • Asthma • Hepatitis • Unusual reactions to Desloratadine or any food and preservatives • Pregnant or trying to get pregnant • Breast-feeding

Dosage and administration

Patients should strictly follow the doctors prescribed dosage in order to obtain the best and effective results of the medication. Generally adults and children over 12 years of age are recommended the initial dose of 5 mg. which needs to be taken one in day. The medication must be immediately consumed after opening from the blister pack. Patients can administer the medication with or without food.


In case of overdose of the generic Clarinex one should immediately seek for medical help. Overdose symptoms include fast heart rate and sleepiness.