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US Brand Name DTIC-Dome
Generic Name Dacarbazine
Other Brand Name DECARB
Packing 1
Manufacturer Cipla Limited
Form Injection
Strength 200mg

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Generic DTIC-Dome is a medication used for treating certain kinds of skin cancer and Hodgkin’s disease. The drug can be used alone or along with other therapy for slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells in the body. These drugs are necessary to take under the supervision of experienced health professionals. Several online stores are selling the drug at cost-effective price range.


Generic DTIC-Dome is considered as cancer chemotherapy drug which is used for treating skin cancer like malignant melanoma and Hodgkin’s disease. The drug works by interfering with the growth of cancer cells in the body, thereby prevents the spread of cells in the entire body.

Side effects

Some of the less serious side-effects of the drug are diarrhea, mild skin rash, temporary hair loss, loss of appetite, tingly feeling in face, numbness, etc. Sometimes, the drug also shows serious side-effects like continued or severe vomiting, body ache, unusual bleeding in nose, mouth, etc, pale skin, upper stomach pain. These symptoms need to be reported to doctor on immediate basis.


Generic DTIC-Dome should be stored at room temperature. Besides this, it is pertinent to keep the drug away from reach of pets and children.


Dacarbazine along with mannitol and anhydrous citric acid act as ingredient in generic DTIC-Dome.

Dosage and administration

The drug will be administered into veins through an IV at doctor’s clinic or hospital. Depending upon a person’s medical conditions, body size, response to therapy, etc., the dosage of person may vary. It is advised to not to eat for 4-6 hours before taking the injection. Reason being, this helps in preventing vomiting or severe nausea. Sometimes, the injection is given daily for regular 5-10 days in a row for continuous 3-4 weeks. In the case of Hodkin’s disease, generic DTIC Dome is given for 1 day in every 15 days. In order to make sure that the drug is not causing any harmful effect, it is important to test the blood often. Based on the results of blood test, effectiveness of the treatment is determined.


There are certain drugs that may interact with the drug. Therefore, disclosure about all medications which a person is taking is important. It includes all over-the-counter, prescription, non-prescription, herbal products and vitamin supplements. While taking generic DTIC-Dome, do not start taking a new medication without consulting with doctor.


If a person takes overdosage of drug, it is important to seek medical emergency immediately.