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US Brand Name Generic Garamycin
Generic Name Gentamicin
Other Brand Name Tamigen, Magenta
Packing 5 ml
Manufacturer Wockhardt, Indoco Remedies
Form Eye/ Ear Drops
Strength 0.3%
Country India

  • Eye/ Ear Drops 0.3% 5 ml $4.90
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Generic Garamycin comes from the family of medications known as antibiotics. The medication is used for treating infections occurring in the eye or ear due to certain kind of bacteria. The medicine acts by jamming the metabolism of the bacteria and eventually, destroys the bacteria completely.


Generic Garamycin is prescribed for the treatment of infections in the eye and ear due to some kind of bacteria. In addition, it may be used in combination with other medication for some other purpose.


Gentamicin sulfate is the active ingredient in the composition.

Dosage and administration

Generic Garamycin dosage is adjusted by the doctor as per patient