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US Brand Name Metrogel
Generic Name Metronidazole
Other Brand Name Roza
Packing 1
Manufacturer Lekar Pharma
Form Gel
Strength 30 gm

  • 0.75% 30 gm $6.90
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Generic Metrogel is an antibiotic and amoebicide that is used for treating severe skin ulcers, acne rosacea and bed sores. The medication comes in various forms ranging from cream, lotion to gel, but all forms are serving the same purpose. The medication can be used for some other purpose as prescribed by doctors. It is a synthetic and FDA approved medication.


The Metronidazole topical is primarily used for treating skin disorder rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition which causes red and small bumps on the face. The topical medication generic Metrogel helps in reducing the rash caused by the condition. The topical medication works by entering into bacterial cells and interfering with their growth. The medication kills the bacteria, thereby clearing skin infections. Because the medication kills array of bacteria, known as anaerobic bacteria, therefore it helps in treating anaerobic infection.

Side effects

Some of the mild side-effects of generic Metrogel are headache, mild burning, vaginal itching, metallic taste of mouth, itchy skin, cold symptoms, etc. A handful of people observe some of the serious side-effects of the drug like allergic reactions, breathing difficulty, etc. These symptoms should be notified to doctors on immediate basis.


Store the drug at room temperature away from heat, light or moisture.


Generic Metrogel contains Metronidazole as an active ingredient.


An important point necessary to consider is that the medication is recommended for external or topical use only. It is not meant to use for optical, vaginal or oral use. Do not use the medication if you have allergy with Metronidazole. While taking the medication, do not use alcohol as by taking alcohol side-effects may persist for long time. Avoid using any cosmetic after the application of generic Metrogyl or consult with doctors before using any cosmetic after the topical medication.

Dosage and administration

Use the topical medication as prescribed by health professionals for obtaining the best results. Before applying Metronidazole tablet, wash and dry your skin. Apply it in on the skin and rub it completely. It is necessary to use it on daily basis either once or twice, as prescribed by professionals. One can apply cosmetics after applying it. The medication may take more than three weeks to show any sign of improvement. Absolute improvement is observed after applying it for approximately 9 weeks.


Although, overdosage of Metronidazole topical is not expected to produce any bothersome results, it is advised to seek medical attention on immediate basis.