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US Brand Name Calcimar; Fortical; Miacalcin; Osteocalcin;
Generic Name Calcitonin
Other Brand Name Ostospray,Miacalcic
Manufacturer Sun Pharma,Novartis
Packing 5 ml
Form Nasal Spray
Strength 30 Metered Doses 5 ml

  • 30 Metered Doses 3.7 ml $49.00
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Generic Miacalcin is a well-known nasal spray and a synthetic version of calcitonin. Calcitonin is a hormone that helps regulating bone formation and breakdown. In various situations this hormone used to treat osteoporosis that occurs in the women after menopause.


Doctors recommend Generic Miacalcin to treat used to treat several conditions that pertain to related to calcium and the bones. This nasal spray is a well researched synthetic version of calcitonin. This hormone extends bigger help in regulating bone formation and breakdown etc. Calcitonin salmon comes as a spray to be used in the nose.


Calcitonin is the primary and active ingredient in the Generic Miacalcin medication.

Important Precautions

This medicine shouldn

Dosage and administration

Dosage of this medicine should be administered with consultation of a trained health practitioner. The recommended dose of Miacalcin nasal spray for osteoporosis treatment is 200 IU (one spray) once in a menopausal women daily. You must use alternate nostrils to use the medicine every day. Some doctors also suggest patients to take at least 1000 mg of calcium each day to get the effect in the best manner possible.