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US Brand Name Myonal
Generic Name Eperisone Hcl.
Other Brand Name Skelact, Rapisone, Myosone
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
Packing 10
Form Tablet
Strength 50 mg

  • 50 tabs 50 mg $24.50
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Generic Myonal or Eperisone Hcl. Tablet is an antispasmodic drug prescribed for the treatment of acute musculoskeletal spasm. The medication is known to relax both skeletal muscles and vascular muscles by reducing myotonia. It improves blood circulation and suppresses pain reflexes along with lessening stiffness and spasticity. It further facilitates muscle movement by restraining myotonia vicious cycle. This results in decrease of pain, ischaemia, and hypertonia in skeletal muscles. This drug is also used as a supporting drug at the initial stage of rehabilitative therapy.


Generic Myonal is used in the treatment of acute Musculoskeletal Spasm related to low back pain. The medication is also prescribed for cerebrovascular disease and cervical spondylosis. Generic Myonal works by relaxing both vascular smooth muscles and skeletal muscles. Problems like cervical spondylosis cause severe pain in the neck, shoulder, back, arm and leg that can be treated with generic Myonal.


Generic Myonal comprises of active ingredient Eperisone hydrochloride.

Dosage and administration

The Generic Myonal dosage must be taken exactly as prescribed by the physician as dosage are prescribed depending upon the severity of symptoms, patient