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US Brand Name Generic Nix Shampoo
Generic Name Permethrin
Other Brand Name Cyperflux Shampoo, Softas Plus
Packing 175ml, 200ml
Manufacturer HEALTH KARE PHARMA, Intas
Form Shampoo
Strength 2%
Country India

  • 200ml Shampoo 2% $15.90
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The product Nix Shampoo has been known to be specifically formulated to treat head lice and their eggs.


This product is used to treat head lice.

Side effects

Stop using this product and see a doctor if you experience breathing difficulty, eye irritation, skin or scalp irritation or infection.


Do not use the shampoo on children under 2 months of age. Do not apply the shampoo near the eyes, inside the nose, ear, mouth, or vagina and on lice in eyebrows or eyelashes.


Store the shampoo at 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.


The shampoo contains the active ingredient which is Permethrin 280 mg (1%).

Important Precautions

Ask a doctor first before using this product if you are allergic to ragweed since it may cause breathing difficulty or produce an asthmatic episode. When using this product, keep your eyes tightly closed and protect eyes with a washcloth or towel. If product gets into the eyes, flush immediately with large amounts of water. Scalp itching or redness may occur after the treatment.

Dosage and administration

First, you have to inspect all household members and should be checked by another person for lice and/or nits. To help you see the lice and nits (eggs), use a magnifying glass in bright light use a tool, such as a comb or two unsharpened pencils to lift and part the hair. You must look for tiny nits near the scalp, beginning at the nape behind the ears. Examine carefully small sections of hair (1-2 inches wide) at a time. Unlike dandruff, nits stick to the hair. See if dandruff should move when lightly touched. If its is either lice or nits (eggs) that you find, treat with Nix Creme Rinse. During the treatment, wash hair with a shampoo but without conditioner. Do not use a shampoo that contains a conditioner or a conditioner alone since this may decrease the activity of the Nix shampoo. Then, rinse with water. Towel dry hair after so that it is damp but not wet and shake the bottle of Nix shampoo well. Completely saturate the hair and scalp with the shampoo. Begin to apply Nix behind the ears and at the back of the neck. Keep the shampoo out of the eyes. You may protect the eyes with a washcloth or towel. Then, leave Nix shampoo on the hair for 10 minutes, but no longer than that. Rinse with warm water and towel dry hair and comb out tangles if you can see live lice seven days or more after the first treatment, a second treatment should be given. Remove the nits by combing the hair with the special small tooth comb. Remaining nits may be removed by hand or by cutting the nits out. Use the nit comb and make sure the hair remains slightly damp while removing nits. If the hair dries when combing, dampen it slightly with water part the hair into 4 sections and work on one section at a time. Longer hair may take more time.