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US Brand Name Prezista
Generic Name Darunavir
Other Brand Name Daruvir
Packing 60
Manufacturer Cipla Limited
Form Tablet
Strength 300mg

  • 60 tabs 300mg $251.40
  • 60 tabs 600mg $499.00
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    Generic Name: Darunavir monoethanolate
    Form: Tablet
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Generic Prezista is considered as a prescription medication used for treating HIV, which causes AIDS. The medication belongs to group of medications, protease inhibitors. The drug is approved to be used in combination with other medications. The drug is available in oral tablet form and in the strengths of 300mg. These drugs are easily available at reputed online pharmacies and stores.


The drug works by inhibiting the growth of protease enzyme, which is needed by HIV for its growth. Once the growth of human immunodeficiency virus is inhibited, the risk of suffering from AIDS will get minimized. When a person takes Generic Prezista, it will help in lowering the HIV amount in the blood and increasing CD4 cells count in the body.


Daruvir (Darunavir) is active ingredient of the drug.

Important Precautions

There are certain drugs which interact with the generic Prezista like pimozide, simvastatin, triazolam, alfuzosin and many more. Therefore, never take these drugs along with the Prezista. Similarly, there are many over-the-counter, prescription, non-prescription, herbal and vitamin supplements which may interact with the drug. So, prefer taking the drugs after consulting with doctors. Do not stop, increase or decrease the dosage without doctors

Dosage and administration

Factors like age of a person, whether he is taking any other HIV medication before, medical history and medications he is currently taking are taken into consideration while deciding upon the dosage of drug. The drug should be taken along with other HIV medication, ritonavir (Norvin). Moreover, both the medicines need to take together, every time and at the same day. The recommended dosage in adults is 800 mg or two 400 mg tablet taken along with one ritonavir 100 mg tablet daily with food. Generic Prezista tablet is approved in children also who lie in the age group of 6-18 years old. Depending upon the children weight, the dosage varies.