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US Brand Name Sermion
Generic Name Nicergoline
Other Brand Name Cholergol
Packing 10
Manufacturer Pharmaia
Form Tablets
Strength 5mg, 30 mg

  • 10 tabs 30 mg $19.90
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Nicergoline is a well-known ergoloid mesylate derivative that?s used to treat senile dementia and other disorders with vascular origins. Experts have proved that it seems pretty helpful in increasing mental agility and enhancing clarity and perception in the people. It also decreases vascular resistance and increases arterial blood flow in the human brain.


Sermion is a very effective potent vasodilator that improves brain blood flow in the patients. It also lowers the vascular resistance and stimulates the use of oxygen and glucose on the cerebral level. it Sermion turns highly effective in improving blood circulation in the lungs and limbs.

Side effects

Like other medicines, Generic Sermion does have some serious complications. The symptoms of the side effects differ from person to person. Among other prominent side effects of the drug, Anorexia, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Vertigo, Headache, Drowsiness, Nausea, and Constipation etc. A hot feeling, mild gastric upsets and hypotension are other side-effects patients complain about.


Medicine is available in tablet and powder form. Keep the container in the cool dry place and keep it away from moisture, direct sunlight and kids.


Each ml (20 drops) of prepared Generic Sermion solution contains 5 mg Nicergoline (I.N.N.), lactose, tartaric acid, methyparaben and water.

Important Precautions

Although a number of toxicology studies have proved that Nicergoline has no adverse impact on metabolism. This is however recommended by the health practitioners to avoid taking the medicines nicergoline during pregnancy. This should be limited to a situation where use is mandatory enough.

Dosage and administration

Dosage of the medicine should be consumed only after the strict guidance of the doctor. 1-2 tablets or 20-40 drops may be engulfed by mouth 3 times daily at regular intervals or as instructed by the physicians. To ensure the best absorption of the medication inside take this medicine between meals. While giving Sermion (nicergoline) in drops, use the accompanying syringe available with the drop.


Overdose of the Generic Sermion can create a number of health related hassles. High or more assertive dosage of nicergoline causes a temporary sink in blood pressure. In rare cases, insufficient blood supply to the brain and heart has also been reported.