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US Brand Name Nateglinide
Generic Name Nateglinide
Other Brand Name Glinate
Manufacturer GLENMARK
Packing 10
Form Pill
Strength 60 mg, 120 mg

  • 100 tabs 120 mg $79.00
  • 100 tabs 60 mg $49.00
Available online
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Generic Starlix is a medication used for lowering blood sugar in those patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Sometimes, the medicine is recommended alone and sometimes with other diabetes medication. Generic Starlix should be taken together with exercise and diet to treat non-insulin dependent diabetes. The drug is available in the tablet form and in dosage strengths of 60 and 120 mg.


The drug belongs to group of diabetes medications known as meglitinides. The FDA approved medication stimulates the cells in pancreas for making more insulin, thereby helps in lowering blood sugar level. The generic Starlix is a short-acting drug which is used for lowering blood sugar levels after meals. The drug is used when diet and exercise alone are unable to control the blood sugar levels.


The drug contains Nateglinide as an active substance.

Dosage and administration

The recommended dosage of the drug is 120 mg pill, taken three times in a day. The drug should be taken 30 minutes prior taking meals. In case, a person skips any meals, then it is advised to skip the dosage of Nateglinide pill. Furthermore, if a person has taken the pill but not taken his meal within the time span of 30 minutes, then he is recommended to eat something as soon as possible. For obtaining the best results of the medication, take it in prescribed manner.


There are some categories of drugs which do not work well with generic Starlix. Therefore, it is important to tell doctors about all prescription, non-prescription, herbal and dietary supplements which a person is taking. The chances of suffering from high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) increase significantly if a person takes Starlix along with the following drug: