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US Brand Name Generic Synalar N
Generic Name Fluocinolone/ Neomycin
Other Brand Name Flucort-N Cream
Packing 20g
Manufacturer Glenmark Pharma
Form Cream
Strength Fluocinolone 0.025%/ Neomycin 0.5%
Country India

  • Cream 20g Fluocinolone 0.025%/ Neomycin 0.5% $3.99
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The combination of fluocinolone and neomycin is a mixture of a topical corticosteroid and a topically applied antibiotic of the aminoglycoside group. This is available in form of a cream which can be applied on the skin to reduce the inflammatory manifestation of the infections or when inflammation is present and there are significant chances of superimposition of infections. The cream containing fluocinolone and neomycin is required to be used in case of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and urticaria which might be also associated with itching.


Fluocinolone and neomycin are individually topical corticosteroid and aminoglycoside antibiotics. The steroidal element is required to reduce the inflammation of many areas of the skin. By adding neomycin, the infections of the tissues are prevented and cured. Ideally this cream should be applied over inflamed areas which are prone for infections. Many skin conditions are ideal for the application of this particular cream. Diseases like psoriasis, eczema, infectious and pruriginious skin infections are treated and symptoms reduced by the application of this cream.

Side effects

Side effects can be varied in different patients and therefore the physicians should take care to observe them and put forward suitable drugs to overcome the problems. Irritation of the skin can be found at the point of application. The cream of fluocinolone and neomycin is probable to cause contact dermatitis in some cases. In some patients change in skin pigmentation and stretch marks can be marked. Skin capillaries group together in to clusters. Many other side effects are found when the cream is applied and the steroid is absorbed and its side effects are seen, which can be of many types in the whole body.


In some lesions like those of tuberculosis or syphilis, the cream can aggravate the symptoms and help in further growth of the bacteria. Any kind of bacterial, viral and parasitic skin lesion should be observed for further inflammation and infection. Perioral dermatitis and acne rosacea are also not treated by the application of this cream. In case of patients who have perforated auditory canal, the cream should be avoided from being applied on the skin. For cases which already have demonstrated hypersensitivity reactions, the drug is not to be applied over the skin surface.


The cream is to be stored at temperatures of 15-30 deg C and kept out of reach of children. It should not be exposed to extremes of temperature.


The contents of this cream are fluocinolone in the weight of 0.25 mg or 0.025% and the antibiotic neomycin sulphate salt is found in the weight of 3.5 mg or concentration of 0.35% in a total cream amount of 20 gm by weight. Being available in form of a cream, the drug is mixed with an oil base and has various other non active ingredients working as vehicles.

Important Precautions

It should be taken care that fluocinolone and neomycin shouldn't be applied over a large area and kept on the skin for long periods of time. There are chances of their being absorbed into the systemic circulation. Whenever the drug is applied over the skin, history of pregnancy and lactation should be asked for.

Dosage and administration

Fluocinolone and neomycin cream combination is used on the skin surface in the affected areas. It can be used over the affected dermal area by putting the cream once or twice daily. It should be simply applied over the affected skin and should not be massaged vigourously. The drug is meant for topical application only and not meant to be ingested orally or in any other internet mucus membrane.