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US Brand Name Tagamet
Generic Name Cimetidine
Other Brand Name Tagasec
Packing 10
Manufacturer Taj Pharma India
Form Tablet
Strength 400 mg
Country India

  • 100 tabs 200 mg $29.00
  • 100 tabs 400 mg $49.00
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Generic Tagamet is a medication recommending for treating and preventing some kinds of ulcers. The drug is also recommended for treating those conditions which produce excessive acid in the stomach. The drug belongs to group of drugs known as histamine receptor antagonists. The drug is available in various dosage strengths like 200mg, 400mg, 800 mg, etc. Generic Tagamet is sold in the market with the name Cimetidine tablets.


Generic Tagamet is used for treating conditions associated with stomach, esophagus and intestines. The drug is also used for treating or preventing the following conditions:


Cimetidine acts as key ingredient in the formulation of Cimetidine tablets.