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US Brand Name Temovate Ointment
Generic Name Clobetasol
Other Brand Name TENOVATE
Manufacturer GSK
Packing 15g, 30 gm
Form Ointment, Cream, Lotion
Strength 0.05, 0.05+3%

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Generic Temovate is primarily described as a topical corticosteroid cream/ointment that is used for treating the swelling, redness and itching occurring due to a set of problematic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, allergic reactions, and so on.


Generic Temovate topical is prescribed for the treatment of the inflammation and itching occurring in the body because of a number of irritable skin conditions like allergic reactions, eczema, and psoriasis.

Side effects

Some of the mild and manageable side effects are mild skin rash, itching and burning on skin, redness of the skin, spider veins, skin rash or irritation around your mouth, changes in color of treated skin, dry or cracking skin, blisters, stretch marks, pimples, thinning or softening of your skin, and changes in color of treated skin. Other, more serious side effects that may require instant medical attention are blurred vision, mood changes, insomnia, puffiness in your face, gain in weight, muscle weakness, tiredness and or seeing halos around lights.


Generic Temovate can be stored at room temperature. Keep it safe from the access of children, light, heat and moisture.


Generic Temovate propionate is the active ingredient in the composition.

Important Precautions

Inform your doctor if you have diabetes. Topical steroid medicines get easily absorbed through the skin and then take up the level of glucose (sugar) in your blood or urine. Secondly, as the medication may hamper the unborn child, pregnant mothers and women who are trying to get pregnant should also consult their doctor before using Generic Temovate. Thirdly, patients who have or have had some skin infections also need to discuss it with their doctor. Lastly and most importantly, children are highly prone to topical steroid absorption, which may cause problems with their growth and development. Hence, do not give it to your children without consulting with the doctor.

Dosage and administration

The cream should be applied as a thin layer to the affected skin once or twice per day. The therapy is not recommended to run beyond 5 days. Do not cover the treated area, unless your doctor ha prescribed so. It is important to go for regular check ups.


Any medication taken in excess can cause severe consequences. In case of suspecting Generic Temovate overdose, seek medical attention as soon as possible.