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US Brand Name Tricor, Tricor
Generic Name Fenofibrate
Other Brand Name FENOLIP, Ripicard, Liproless
Manufacturer CIPLA, Sava medica
Packing 10, 7
Form Tablet, Capsule
Strength 145 mg, 160 mg, 200 mg

  • 50 tabs 160 mg $39.50
  • 50 caps 200 mg $44.50
  • 30 tabs/ caps 145mg $22.35
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Generic Tricor increases HDL and reduce bad cholesterol when includes with low-fat diet and exercise in the people who are affected with HIV.


In medicine domain, Tricor is used to lower cholesterol (lipids) and triglycerides in the body blood. The drug belongs to a class of medicines called fibrates that stops and prohibits the attack of coronary heart disease. It?s also used to reduce the threat atherosclerosis in the patients.

Side effects

Medical fraternity talks about a number of serious but rare side-effects in the patients who use the medicine. Some of the major side effects that are reported due to the use of this drug are abdominal pain, cough or hoarseness, dark yellow or brown urine, fever or chills, lower back or side pain and muscle pain. In severe cases some patients also complain about nausea and vomiting, tenderness, or weakness etc.


Generic Tricor should be stored at room temperature between 59-77 F. Keep the drug away from direct sunlight, moisture, kids and pets.


A 145 mg Generic Tricor tablet contains polyvinyl alcohol, titanium dioxide, talc, soybean lecithin, and xanthan gum.

Important Precautions

In case of serious medical conditions you must avoid to take the drug. You should also avoid this drug in case of pregnancy and breast-feeding. If you are allergic to certain medicines or other substance, you shouldn?t take this drug without proper medical consultation.

Dosage and administration

The medicine of the strength 160 mg should be consumed orally three times a day. To cure and treat the high dosage of cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels, starting dose of Tricor is 54-160 mg a day. Patients may gradually increase it every 4-8 weeks up to maximal dose of Tricor 160 mg. The adult patients, who are affected with primary hypercholesterolemia or mixed hyperlipidemia, should take the initial dose of TRICOR (fenofibrate) as 145 mg per day.


If you feel any symptom of overdose, consult your doctor immediately. In case you missed a dose of the same, don?t ever try to complement it with overdose. Ask your physician about the next step you should take.