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US Brand Name Zantac
Generic Name Ranitidine
Other Brand Name Helkoss, Monorin, Histac, Ranitidine, Zytak
Manufacturer JB CHEMICAL, IRM Pharma, Ranbaxy, GSK, Zydus
Packing 15
Form Tablet
Strength 300 mg, 150 mg

  • 50 tabs 300 mg $19.50
  • 50 tabs 150 mg $12.50
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This is a very popular and well-known medication used by the health practitioners as histamine blocker. The medicine ingredient ranitidine is white to pale yellow in color and a granular substance. This is easily soluble in water and slightly bitter in taste.


Generic Zantac is prescribed by the doctors to cure a number of severe ailment in the patients. It decreases the overall amount of acid the stomach produces thus prevents ulcers in the stomach and intestines. The medication is also used to cure conditions in which acid comes up into the esophagus and causes severe heartburn. This is the best treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. Zantac is also established as a tough prohibitory measure that relieve ulcer pain and discomfort.


Ranitidine HCL is the primary and active ingredient in generic Zantac.

Important Precautions

There are certain situations in which should avoid to take this medication only after the consultation of a doctor. Don

Dosage and administration

Dosage and administration of generic Zantac should be advised and decided by the medical expert. The drug may be taken with or without water. Dose of the medicine in the patients with significantly abnormal liver or kidney functions should be lower. Dissolve the Zantac 150 mg tablets in approximately 6 to 8 ounces of water before drinking. Must not stop the medication without asking the medical practitioner.