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US Brand Name Zyloprim
Generic Name Allopurinol
Other Brand Name ZYLORIC, ALLOPURINOL, Progout
Manufacturer GSK, Bristol, Alphapharm
Packing 10
Form Tablet
Strength 100mg, 300mg

  • 28 tabs 100mg $7.00
  • 28 tabs 300 mg $16.52
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Generic Zyloprim is prescribed for the treatment of gout that occurs due to extreme levels of uric acid present in the blood. The condition is hyperuricemia, and it occurs when the body produces more uric acid than it can remove. The stored uric acid then takes the form of crystals in joints (gouty arthritis) and tissues, and eventually gives rise to problems like inflammation and pain.


Generic Zyloprim is used to treat gout caused due to increased level of uric acid in the blood. It is used for treating kidney stones. The medication acts by impeding the production of uric acid as it efficiently blocks the activity of the enzyme that is responsible for converting purines to uric acid. The therapy may go on for several months.


Allopurinol is the active ingredient in the composition.

Dosage and administration

The tablets should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Do not increase or decrease the amount or frequency of medicine intake, without doctor