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US Brand Name Heartgard Plus Chewable for Dogs
Generic Name Ivermectin/ Pyrantel Pamoate
Other Brand Name Heartgard Plus Chewable for Dogs
Packing 6
Manufacturer Merial
Form Chewable Tablet
Strength Ivermectin 68mcg/ Pyrantel Pamoate 57mg, Ivermectin 136mcg/ Pyrantel Pamoate 114mg, Ivermectin 272mcg/ Pyrantel Pamoate 227mg
Country USA

  • 6 Chewable Tablet Ivermectin 136mcg/ Pyrantel Pamoate 114mg $41.52
  • 6 Chewable Tablet Ivermectin 272mcg/ Pyrantel Pamoate 227mg $60.90
  • 6 Chewable Tablet Ivermectin 68mcg/ Pyrantel Pamoate 57mg $52.20
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This drug releases neurotransmitters that help in paralyze the parasite's peripheral in the nervous system. This could result to destroy the parasite, which inhibits any further reproduction or growth of parasite.


Heartgard Plus 30 Chewable Tabs is used to treat bacteria such heart worm for dogs, it could help to manage ascarids or other know as hookworm.

Side effects

Inform your veterinarian if the is dog experience in any symptoms that can result to serious side effects that is caused by the medication. The possible side effects that can appear during the treatment include rashes, increase of heart rate as well as lightheadedness and the feeling of nausea.


This medication is not use to dogs or cats that are less than 6 months old. There are times that dogs and cats are having allergic reaction to the medication and must be avoided to be in used.


The storage of this drug must be put in a room temperature. Where light and moisture can


Heartgard plus 30 Chewable Tabs is composed of the active ingredients of Ivermectin and Pyrantel Pamoate. This is marketed in the form of a tablet, and has the strengths of 86 mcg, 136 mcg, and 272 mcg. This has the packaging of 6 pieces per pack.

Important Precautions

In taking this medication to your dog it is important that you must have the prescription of the drug. If there are allergic reactions that the dog may experience from the medication and it is important to call your veterinarian. This drug us not allowed to be use in humans for this can be harmful and could severe side effects. In applying this medication to your pet, avoid that you will have in contact through the eyes. This drug can cause irritation, when that happens rinse it with water directly. If the irritation would not wear off, call your doctor immediately.

Dosage and administration

In using this Heartland plus 30 Chewable Tabs it must be according to your veterinarian instructions, or by following the instructions that is supplied within the packaging. The initial dosage is a tablet for a month for dogs that not older than 6 weeks. This tablet must be taken as a whole and would not chew, crush or cut into half. Ask your veterinarian if you need further advice on how to use the tablets to your dog. Never use Heartgard plus 30 Chewable Tabs without the proper prescription from the veterinarian for this can cause side effects to humans.