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US Brand Name Hiberix
Generic Name Tetanus Toxoid
Other Brand Name Hiberix
Packing 0.5ml
Manufacturer GSK
Form Vial
Strength 10mcg
Country India

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Hemophilus influenza type b capsular polysaccharide along with inactive tetanus toxoid is a vaccine given for prevention of influenza infection in children. Given to children from 2 months of age till 5 years, this vaccine is helpful in fighting the common H influenza virus in children. These bacteria can be very dangerous in children affecting their brain and various other organs, which leads to their mortality.


This vaccine is used as a formula of active immunisation especially for the booster dose for the already administered primary dose of hemophilus influenza type b. This vaccine is not supported for primary immunisations in children from 2 months of age till 5 years, anytime inbetween them. The efficacy for the booster dose is considered quite prominent in the present influenza scenario.

Side effects

There are a number of common and mild side effects with the influenza b vaccine such as fever, pain and redness at the site of injection, restlessness and severe crying by the child, flu like syndrome in the child and breathing difficulties like dyspnea, gasping and shortness of breath. Few other symptoms that are seen are fainting due to the injection, rashes, temporary stoppage of breathing, and swelling and lump at the site of injection. Serious side effects are rare and include swelling of face, rashes, shortness of breath, tiredness and weakness of sudden onset.


Allergy to the vaccine or any other of its component poses threat to the use of the vaccine. Pregnancy and nursing mothers should also be not given this vaccine.


The vaccines should not be taken out from its original pack unless it is required to be given. The temperature range of storing the vaccine is 2-8 deg C and should be prevented from freezing. Children should not be able to reach the vaccine.


The hiberix vaccine is a conjugate of the hemophilus influenza type b capsular polysaccharide lyophilised component along with the tetanus toxoid. The vial contains the vaccine which is to be reconstituted with 0.5 ml of saline in a prefilled syringe. The polysaccharide antigen is around 10 mcg bound to 30 mcg of tetanus toxoid, for the purpose of one dose.

Important Precautions

People who have had an attack of guillan barrie syndrome about 6 weeks prior to the vaccination are not fit to be given this drug. Latex caps on the syringes are sometimes seen to cause the hypersensitivity reactions. There should be enough facilities in the health set up in which the vaccination is being given, in order to deal with any reactions especially in people with immunocompetencies. People should also keep in mind to inform the doctor about any bleeding tendencies that they find on injection.

Dosage and administration

The dosage of the vaccine that is used is 0.5 ml of the reconstituted vaccine which is administered to the people at the age specified which is from 2 months to 5 years. The diluent is added to the vial with the help of the prefilled syringe. The vaccine is injected into the deltoid region of the arm by intramuscular means. It is not to be given through intravenous, intradermal or subcutaneous route.