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US Brand Name Hyalgan
Generic Name Hyaluronate Na
Other Brand Name Hyalgan
Packing 2 ml
Manufacturer Fidia, Lupin
Form Injection Syringe
Strength 10mg/ml
Country India

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Hyalgan (hyaluronate sodium) is an osteoarthritis medication. The drug is manufactured by Fidia. It is typically given to patient in the form of injection. Other popular trade name for this drug is Supartz.


The drug is basically use for the palliative treatment of pain secondary to osteoarthritis. It acts as a lubricant in the joint. It allows the joint to glide does preventing pain especially on the knees.

Side effects

The commonly reported side effects of the drugs are pain in the back, inflammation of the injection site, easy bruising, general body weakness, swelling and painful sensation in the injection site, and headache. Consult your health care provider immediately for more serious problems such as difficulty of breathing chest tightness, and facial structure swelling.


Never use Hyalgan if you have hypersensitivity to any of the component of Hyalgan. This drug is given via injection so never use this drug if you have skin disease or wounds at the injection site.


The ideal way of storing the medication is in its original packing. Avoid using the drug once you observe damage on the drug package. Do not put the drug inside the freezer. Keep away from direct rays of the sun and children's reach.


Hyaluronate sodium is the active ingredient of the drug Hyalgan. Each of the injection preparation of the drug contains 20 mg/2 ml of the active ingredient hyaluronate sodium. Among the inactive components of the drug are sodium dihydrogen, sodium chloride, and purified water.

Important Precautions

Special caution is given to the patient when administering this drug therapy. Do not administer Hyalgan if there is a presence of inflammation in the injected site. See to it that you are administering the right solution. Safety of using the drug for pregnant women has not yet established. You should also inform your primary care physician if you are planning to get pregnant while undergoing this medication. You can still drive and operate heavy machineries while on this medication as study showed that this drug does not affect the ability to concentrate and follow signs. Inform your primary health provider if you are taking any over the counter drug, vitamins, and other food supplements while on Hyalgan therapy. Do not forget to inform your doctor on your history of allergy whether its food allergy, drug allergy, or substance allergy. Always ask your health care professional for information that you need regarding the treatment process. This is to ensure that you are getting the maximum health benefit of the drug.

Dosage and administration

Hyalgan is administered via intra articular injection. The treatment is usually given five times with one week interval. This is the fixed those for elderly patient. However, for children this formulation is not advisable. Hence, it is important to seek health care advise before starting any intense medication treatment.