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US Brand Name Ilium
Generic Name Dichlorphen/ Lignocaine Hcl/ Piperonyl Butoxide/ Pyrethrins
Other Brand Name Ilium
Packing 20ml
Manufacturer Troy
Form Ear Drop
Strength (per ml) Dichlorphen 5mg/ Lignocaine 5mg/ Piperonyl Butoxide 5mg/ Pyrethrins 500mcg
Country Australia

  • 20ml Ear Drop $8.03
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Dichlorphen, Lignocaine Hcl, Piperonyl Butoxide are four main ingredients in one ear drop medication for the treatment of ear mites, bacterial and fungal infections. The combines ingredients are best and useful for cleaning moist, waxy, and smelly ears of cat and dog.


Dichlorphen, Lignocaine Hcl, Piperonyl Butoxide is indicated for ear cleaner for dogs and cats. It removes necrotic tissues, debris and wax. It useful against ear mites, and infections caused by bacteria and fungi.


Dichlorphen, Lignocaine Hcl, Piperonyl Butoxide is not for use for dogs and cats that develops complication and negative effects about the ingredients of this medication.


Active ingredients of this medication are Piperonyl Butoxide, Lignocaine Hydrochloride, Dichlorophen and Pyrethrins. It is applied as drops solution with strength of 20 mL.

Important Precautions

For easier and safer treatment you may let your animal health care to treat the affected ear for your cats or dogs. For infection that may consider severe, medication may need additional medication like using antibiotics or other prescription. However do not just use other medication in combination with Dichlorphen, Lignocaine Hcl, and Piperonyl Butoxide to avoid adverse effects to your pets. This medication is used mainly in cats and dogs do not used it in other animals to avoid adverse effects. Observe the response of your pets to the given medication, there are instances that they may develop allergic reactions on it, better ask veterinarian the signs and symptoms of allergic reactions of your pets. If this happened stop the treatment and ask other medication where your pets are free from adverse effects. Inform all information with regards to the health situation of your pets like if they are pregnant, giving milk to its puppies or kittens, or used for breeding. Never forget to read the expiration date of the medication, never used it if it

Dosage and administration

This medication is applied easily. Instill drops for about 4-8 in the affected ear twice daily good for 4- 7 days. Be sure to complete the course of medication, if ever there are no effects to the symptoms treated then report it to your veterinarian. Do not just used any other medication, for there are tendencies that it can cause adverse effects that may considered serious especially wrong medication given and wrong administration. Do not use this medication for a long period of time for it can cause other symptoms. Stop the treatment if the allotted time prescribed by veterinarian is over.